Flower Power Healing Course


Learn to heal yourself and others through the power of flowers.

Now taking new registrations for course. Places are limited so early booking is essential.


This year long online course brings unique teachings directly from the flowers; the teachings cannot be found anywhere else as they are transmitted to me from the plant world. These are teachings from the essence and spirit of each flower and you will learn to work with them in their light form.

The course is designed to enable you to heal yourself as well as to teach you the mysteries and healing abilities of the flowers.

This year long course includes 4 modules each connected to one of the seasons and it can be begun at any time of the year.

Each module contains an approximately 2 hour long audio workshop to be downloaded and worked with. The workshop is divided into 2 parts. During Part 1 you will be given teachings from 5 flowers. Afterwards you will further your education by choosing 3 more flowers to learn from.

In Part 2 you will receive teachings for your own personal healing; these will include other aspects as well as flowers eg. trees, herbs, planets, food. Your first hand experience of your own healing will provide you with knowledge which you will use in the healing of others.

One month following the initial download there will be an email consultation.

The wisdom gained from the 3 flowers of your choice and your personal discoveries and healing experienced from the workshop are to be written down and delivered via email to me and from there I will respond with my observations and direction for you.

Two months following the initial download there will be a second email consultation.

The direction given in the first consultation is to be worked with and your experiences are to be written down and delivered via email to me where I will respond with further guidance.

Each module includes a 2 part audio workshop and 2 consultations by email.

Each module is connected to a specific season and so we will work with the energies of that season regarding the organs and systems of the body so that ultimately every part of your physical self will receive clearing and healing.

The energy body will also be cleared and renewed as we will also be working with the meridians, chakras and the aura.

The flowers will bring their teachings and we will work with their essence and light which is far more powerful than using a physical flower for these are teachings given directly from the light.

Both the cosmic teachers and the elementals whose vibrations resonate with a particular flower will bring their teachings also so that you will learn which guides are associated with the flowers.

You will also learn the planetary associations with the flowers we will be working with so that their energies will become part of any healing. You will understand many more correspondences with each flower we learn from.

You are encouraged to further your studies of the subjects covered in the course in your own time to broaden your understanding.

As part of your own healing and for your education you may be given advice regarding food, natural remedies and herbs.

Upon the completion of the course you will write the case studies of 3 other people upon whom you have used Flower Power Healing.

By the end of the course you will have received an in-depth healing for yourself and you will have gained unique knowledge of the flowers enabling you to become a Flower Power Healing Practitioner for which you will be provided with a certificate. A certificate will be available to those who have submitted their work for each module.

I have worked with flowers for the whole of my life and I am dedicated to sharing my knowledge and passion of this beautiful realm of mother earth.


The cost is 80 per module.


Modules will be available for download:

May 1st. Summer Flowering

August 1st. Autumn Blossoming

November 1st. Winter Resting

February 1st. Spring Budding


If you would like to participate on this course please contact me via email to register.



 If you are not technically able to, or are unable to download the workshops, then you can purchase each workshop on CDs to be played on a CD/DVD player or PC / laptop for an additional cost of 4.50 & includes postage to the UK. (Will post to UK only.) Please email separately if you want the CD set and you will receive a separate invoice.



Module 1

May 1st. Summer Flowering

Available to download from May 1st.


Available to purchase from  18th April

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Module 2

August 1st. Autumn Blossoming

Available to download from August 1st.


Available to purchase from 18th July

An invoice will be sent to you


Module 3

November 1st. Winter Resting

Available to download from November 1st.


Available to purchase from 18th October

An invoice will be sent to you


Module 4

February 1st. Spring Budding

Available to download from February 1st.


Available to purchase from 18th January

An invoice will be sent to you



If you would like to contact me:

Email: mm@waterlilytemple.co.uk