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Welcome to the August Magdalene Newsletter,

a place of sharing in these transformational times, honouring the earth and the sacred feminine during our journey towards unity. The old ways of separation do not work in the new world and as we move towards inner wholeness we are now coming together both within and without.

Today is Lughnasadh, the celebration of the first harvest and it is symbolic of the inner harvest within the self.

We wish you many blessings on this very special day and may you harvest your own deep wisdom from all your experiences.


With love,

Margaret and Graham





Facts about August...


Sextilis was the name of the month before it was renamed in 8 BC.


The Anglo-Saxons called August “Weodmonath” meaning “weed month”.


Peridot, sardonyx, and spinel are the birthstones associated with the month.


‘ August’ is a popular baby name in Sweden.


August’s flower is the gladiolus. The flower was discovered in Africa in the 17-18th centuries and was initally used as food.

The zodiac signs for August are Leo (July 23 – August 22) and Virgo (August 23 – September 22)


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Messages Of Light

The Earth is going through many changes as global warming and also the natural cycles of the planet create changes in our climate. I am sure that many of you see so many amazing appearances of plants throughout the year which seem to Bloom in the wrong season and it is something we are becoming more used to now.

The other day as I looked around the garden I marvelled at what was being shown to me for many flowers were blooming at this the height of summer which should be blossoming in other seasons.

My garden is abundant in summer flowers but also the Primroses which belong to spring have started blossoming too. Where I sit in the corner of the garden the blackberries make their way over the fence and they are hanging down filled with berries and some of those berries are already ripe and the birds are coming to eat them but these should be ripe in autumn. I have the most beautiful winter flowering shrub called dawn, it is a vibernum; it flowers in the midst of winter with the most beautiful pink blossoms but lo and behold it is beginning to blossom now.

I was amazed when I took all of this in and at what the garden and mother nature were showing me that here there were four seasons in one all blooming and providing what they should be providing in their relevant season so I had the primroses of spring, the flowers of summer, the blackberries of autumn and the viburnum all doing what they need to do at the same time. As I tuned into the teachings which were being brought to me there was such a beautiful feeling for I was being shown the interconnectedness and the unity of all things.

We too have the seasons within us and we go through small and large cycles throughout our life; birth is like spring and we move through each season until we come to the winter of our life. We also go through small cycles constantly where we keep moving through the four seasons as we move from going within in winter, planting seeds in spring, flowering in summer and then bearing the fruit of wisdom in the autumn. When we learn to work with the cycles of mother Earth we can find out where we are at in the present moment. If you are in winter within you can know without a doubt that as sure as day follows night then spring will follow winter.

If you are gestating new ideas like the seeds which are planted in spring then you know if you are going the right way as you provide those seeds with the right nourishment and they will blossom and Bloom within you. When your ideas and projects are blossoming you can understand that they will expand and bear greater fruit for you. When you have reached the zenith of the work you are doing then you know that the cycle will be completed and you will begin again by going within and absorbing and digesting all you have learnt ready to birth something new.

We are made up of the elements and these elements are the same as the seasons and they have so much to teach us and with the blossoming and blooming of all of these things which were shown to me I could accept the unity which is within us. With this first harvest the cycle of the year begins to turn yet again but at this very moment the energies are heightened as the planet provides such abundance for us and much food for the winter months. It is at this time where the unseen energies are more present in their elemental form than at any other time of the year. We live in this physical world and yet there are realms within realms, universes within universes here present now just where you are and we can have access to those realms or kingdoms when we need to enter into them.

All of us will see the elementals in many different ways depending on our own natures but when you make a connection to the elemental worlds you are actually entering another realm of consciousness. There are whole worlds of beings and forms now here, layers within layers. It is the same as when we speak of heaven and earth, there is nothing out there for everything is here right in front of us in another stream of consciousness.

However we perceive the elemental realms and the fairies it does not matter, it can be just a feeling, it can be a flash of light or it may be a form which is shown to you. The best way we can understand any other realm of consciousness is only through what we already know and can understand.

All of these realms can be accessed from within us for just as the seasons are all within then so is everything else you could ever imagine. My awareness has been drawn to the fairy realms in these past few days and a beautiful being appeared to me and she told me her name was Aine; Aine is a Celtic goddess who was said to be the Queen of the fairies and she is teaching me more about these worlds within worlds and she would like to share the knowledge of these things with you to here is her message just for you:

“Your heart is the doorway to the unseen worlds and these worlds are as vast as your imagination will allow them to be. It is through here where you access all those universes which bring you much joy and greater awareness. There is nothing which is not outside of you and the doorway to the entrance of all you seek is there within the heart.

What you perceive as the fairy kingdom is another world of consciousness within the world you are already in and for those who are deeply connected to the Earth they are given access to these hidden kingdoms. To go within and to shift your awareness will put you in alignment with the world I bring to you for it is a world made only of light, there is no matter here there is only light and that light takes form. Whenever you enter the fairy worlds you will always activate a lighter state of being within yourself and you will bring the lightness back with you for our aim is to uplift you and lift you out of the dense emotions of the physical world. We are light, our world is made of light and you cannot do anything but absorb that light and bring it back with you when you return to ordinary reality.

Our wish is to bring this lightness of being to you and that light you bring back with you will blend also with the physical world itself; you speak about bringing heaven to Earth and that is what is happening as the planet ascends, the light is brought into the Earth and the two blend together.

It is the same when you connect to our world, this is also bringing heaven to Earth for when ever you go into the light you are entering in to what you would call the heavenly realms. The Ascension of consciousness is purely this blending of the light with the self and with the Earth.

Let me take you inside and bring you to my world so that you may find the greatest joy of knowing what it is like to truly live in the light and what it will be like way ahead in the future when the light has been firmly planted in the Earth for you will then live fully in the light and you will be the light beings.

This is so hard to comprehend and it is not something that will happen for a very long time but it will happen and you will exist on another level of consciousness while still being here upon the Earth.

Take my hand and let us enter into your heart and as we go deep within it you will find a door made of the most beautiful iridescent lilac coloured light for this is the colour of fairyland. Stop for a moment and prepare yourself for the light can be overwhelming when it is so intense. Let us now cross the threshold and enter in to the land of the fae. What you will see before you looks just like the Earth filled with flowers, trees and the most beautiful natural landscape but you will see that everything is made of light and colour and just to be within it fills you with the greatest joy.

This is a world for you to explore for I have given you the key to it which is the lilac colour, go within your heart and I would ask you to enter in to my world when ever you need a lightness of being but also come here to meet the fairies who wait for you to bring you their healing and their wisdom. Come here also to open your eyes to the mystical worlds which exist within your own world, this world of light. It is no wonder that you have love the fairy lights for they stir something deep within you but they are just a reminder of the light which exists already in the worlds within worlds and in the land which I have introduced you to.

Everything is within you, all the seasons, all the elements, all the worlds of heaven and Earth and your heart is the entrance to these realms.

Make your journey through the lilac doorway and come and find peace, healing, solace and much nourishment in the form of wisdom so that when you step through the door and return to the everyday world you will bring back so much light. This light will come back with you as multicoloured rainbow light and if you are very fortunate you may even see it around you or you may even see a trail of it wherever you walk.”



Magdalene High Priestess Training

We have an online audio course, Magdalene High Priestess Training. This is available for those who have completed the Magdalene Priestess Training. It can be begun at 4 dates during the year and those who enrol must be able to participate in the closed facebook group, The Enchanted Castle, which has been set up specifically for this course.

This is a course of deep personal healing as well as providing mystical and magical teachings; it includes also ceremonial and past life work.

Those who complete the training will be qualified to train and initiate others as Magdalene Priestesses and they will be able to perform rites of passage ceremonies for others.

Here is the link to information about the training:



Flower Of The Month

Flowers belong to another realm; they are the healers of the soul. Their cosmic blueprints are within the worlds of spirit. Each month I bring to you a flower and this month I give to you a lilac coloured candytuft. This beautiful little flower has a flower head which contains many little flowers and it is a flower of the fairies.

Bring in this flower whenever life becomes too stressful or too heavy or you have things to deal with which bring you stress. Put this little flower in your heart and let its colour flow through every part of you. It contains the word candy in its name so let it bring its sweetness to you.

When you work with this flower and bring it in it will spread its light all around you in a lilac coloured mist and you will find yourself amongst the fairies in such a magical setting. Take your time to absorb the energy and be renewed in the beautiful light.



Magdalene Priestess Training

This is an 8 part series of downloadable audio workshops to be completed during each turning of the wheel of the year. I have set up a closed facebook group, Magdalene Priestesses, where you are to share your experiences of the teachings with me and with the others who participate. You will be given guidance and feedback there; you will also have the support of other trainee priestesses. At the completion of the year long course following the writing of a short essay you will be able to call yourself a Magdalene Priestess. This course will enable you to awaken to the lives you have lived as a priestess. Mary Magdalene was a Nazarene Priestess and she along with other cosmic teachers will provide the knowledge for this training. You can begin at any time of the year.

The cost is £50 for each of the 8 parts.

As we have had enquiries from people who would like to do this course alone for their own personal healing and education without participating in the Facebook group we are now offering it as a self-study course also. There will be no initiation or certificate at the end of it; the cost for each of these workshops is £20.

 A CD version is available for UK by post, details on download page.

For those of you who are fully trained Magdalene Priestesses you can now register to begin the High Priestess Training. Please get in touch if you are interested.



Mystic Journeys

I would like to take you now into the part of my garden I call fairyland. My garden is filled with peace and healing and a corner at the very bottom of the garden is where I have made my fairyland and I have written about this many times but I would like you to come and join me and sit with me to receive healing and peace.

It is only a little area but it is like a miniature Woodland with a beautiful Hawthorn tree; there is a small ash tree which had been cut down, a little rowan tree and lots of elder trees. Ivy carpets the floor and in different seasons there are different flowers. There are spring bulbs, foxgloves, wild garlic, nettles, ravenswing cow parsley and a variety of other woodland plants all in a small space.

Beautiful things which people have given to me now hang in the trees or they are on the ground and these are gifts which have been given to me with great love and they now contribute to the wonderful healing which is present. I have a portable altar hanging from a tree made from driftwood, various windchimes, crystals in the trees which catch the sunlight, crystals on the ground, red toadstools, a little hare, a fairy house, miniature fairies and so much more. There is a little seat in there which Graham made for me from a cut down bench and I have a rainbow beach umbrella by the side of it for when it rains so that I can sit out in all weathers. By my seat is my beautiful stone gnome called Hob, named after my mother’s great uncle Hob.

Fairy lights surround the arch the entrance to fairyland upon which climb a pink rose and a white rambler with honeysuckle and winter honeysuckle. Fairy lights surround my seat and they also cover the ground surrounding the fairy house and the toadstools. Ivy is everywhere growing in such abundance. So the scene is set for my very own fairyland which I now invite you to enter to share the healing with me.

Come with me through the archway and come and sit on the seat surrounded by all the green and feel the stillness which is everywhere. This miniature Woodland is hidden from the rest of the garden and it brings a sanctuary from life. Let us sit together absorbing the peace and the love from the trees and plants and the insects and the elementals who are so present around us. As we sit together the most beautiful flow of light manifests all around us, it is the light of healing and peace; take in that light and just sit within it and let it do its work and it will bring you healing for body, mind and spirit.

Let us sit in the light together which mother Earth and the elemental Kingdom provide for us. Let us sit as sisters and brothers with the knowledge that we are all connected for there is no separation between any of us, we are all one in the light of being.”




We now have a YouTube channel to share healing messages so if you would like to listen to the messages here is the link:



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