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Welcome to the April Magdalene Newsletter,

a place of sharing in these transformational times, honouring the earth and the sacred feminine during our journey towards unity. The old ways of separation do not work in the new world and as we move towards inner wholeness we are now coming together both within and without.

The Earth is waking up as Gaia comes back to life and is renewed once more. If we connect to the cycles of the seasons of the year then we can receive the energy of each one to help us in our daily life. Let the springtime energies renew you as the vibrations of rebirth are higher than at any other time of the year.

With love,

Margaret and Graham





Facts about April ...

April Fools is observed on the first day of April and it’s been set over time as a day for mischievous pranks and superstitions, often set in good humour. One popular theory is that it began in the 1500s when the Gregorian calendar took over from the Julian. Those who forgot the change and attempted to celebrate New Year’s (previously celebrated on the 1st of April) on the wrong date were teased as “April fools.”

The first Sunday in April is called "Daffodil Day".

The 8th April is Hanamatsuri (Buddha's Birthday), Zen Buddhists use this day as a flower festival to celebrate the birth of the Buddha.

The arrival of the cuckoo is the signal that spring has come, it arrives sometime in mid April.

The swallow makes its reappearance during April, traditionally April 15th is "Swallow Day".



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Messages Of Light

During this month we see a great quickening taking place within the Earth as everything comes back to life and we see the renewal of all the growing things. The Earth is bountiful and provides so much magic for us in the form of healing plants from which we can make medicines for every type of malady. It is such an amazing thing that as each plant receives its nourishment and nutrients from the soil and the elements it transforms these into healing properties and each plant or tree carries its own signature to let us know what they can heal within the body and the mind.

The knowledge of the healing properties of plants has been handed down since ancient times from generation to generation and the secrets of the magic of these lets us know that the Earth can indeed heal us. There are so many ways we can receive healing from the plant world either through medicines or actually working with the spirit of the plant and communing with its vibration and we don’t even have to be there in person for we can visualise the plant and use the power of the mind for our healing.

The Earth is a living and conscious sentient being just as everything else in existence is sentient too and so we can go directly to her, to the great mother who bore us and we can commune with her mysteries and receive new but ancient ways to be healed. Gaia has awoken from her winter slumber and she asks you to renew your connection to her and to work with her if you need healing for body or mind and she waits for you.

When you work closely with the Earth you are just remembering, remembering things you have known in other lifetimes and remembering ways of healing which have already been familiar to you. There have been civilisations upon this earth way beyond our written history and these civilisations lived very close to both nature and to spirit and they knew the mysteries of both heaven and Earth and so if we can connect to the ancient knowledge within us and within the collective consciousness we can awaken to the remembrance of old but new ways of healing.

The best healing methods come from within and we can connect ourselves to the great well of knowledge which we have gathered from every lifetime we have lived. We can share the healing wisdom from others and read about it but to receive directly carries the greatest abundant wisdom.

Here are some healing ways which Gaia shares with me and which she wishes to be shared with you so make these a foundation of your own reawakening to the true healing which is right here underneath your feet.

The soil itself is rich in nourishment and contains the dark brown colour, the Ray of nurturing so feel your feet firmly planted upon the Earth; you can visualise this but if you can try and do it actually outside. Make your connection to the Earth, your mother and ask for healing and then draw up all the healing vibrations from the soil. Visualise the soil beneath you and see its structure and feel how it is full of nutrients. Draw the energies from it up through the soles of your feet and fill yourself with this light and watch as your body and your mind are nurtured and it will feel like the nurturing which only a mother can give.

Place your feet upon the ground and draw up the crystal energy either from every crystal and connect to that which lies beneath the surface or choose one particular one and draw this up again through the soles of your feet and see it as a liquid crystal and watch as it flows through you and clears away the debris of your old energies and old thoughts. When it reaches your Crown it will push out through there and you will see the energy as old but use your mind to transform this into clear crystal light and send that light out to the universe. Remember you must never ever discard old energy for you will leave it lying around for someone else to pick up, you must always transform it into something filled with light. That light can then be put back into your own energy field or it can be sent out into the Earth or into the universe.

Draw up the waters from underground through your soles and let the water purify and cleanse all the old energies within you particularly going to places in your body where you have pain or problems. Take time to do this and watch the old dirty water leave your Crown and see it transformed into rainbow light then watch as that rainbow light cascades down around you filling your aura with magnificent colour.

When you are out in nature and you are drawn to a particular flower, plant or tree then let the vibration and the colour of it fill you and all you need to do is to stand next to it and watch as you completely fill up with the new vibrant energy and feel what it will do for you.

There are so many ways to receive the healing energy of Gaia and here is a message from her:

“I am your mother and I gave birth to you and throughout your life I have nourished you and loved you and I am always here for you as a mother and you can return to me time and time again and I will put my loving arms around you and hold you and love you and heal you. I provide healing plants for all manner of things for I look after my children and when they come to find a remedy I will provide it. There are so many remedies that you know about which come from me but there are so many more which you do not know for it is not just the known healing plants which bring my medicine for I bring my medicine in many, many ways.

Stand upon my soil and feel the heartbeat which comes from underneath it and feel that heartbeat with the same rhythm as your own heart and as we connect heart-to-heart I will heal you, I will heal your heart of its sorrows and its pain for your heart will become my heart.

Lie down upon my grass which is like my hair and feel the softness within it and let its green light fill you, let it bring you back into balance and let it soothe your heart and soothe your cares away. Go to the rocks which come from beneath the ground and you will find their healing is even more powerful than my crystals. They will bring you strength so go to them and sit upon them or hold a stone in your hands and feel its strength and it will bring you all that you need to travel upon life’s path. At this time of the year go to the things which are just emerging from the ground and connect to their ability to come back to life and begin again and take the essence of this within yourself if you are feeling stuck and you wish to begin again.

Stand beneath the blossom of my trees and let the idea of blossoming into your being so that you too may blossom and Bloom once more. Just as the leaves of the trees transmute energies and purify the air then let the leaves transmute your old energies as you breathe in and out. Put your hands upon the bark of the trees and you will learn how to bark also which means that you will learn to allow your voice to be heard.

Put your ear to the ground and listen and you will hear my voice and I will speak into your heart and you will get to know me better and you will learn to receive my messages. As you wander through my kingdom you will begin to understand how everything is alive for it is all part of my body and everywhere you look there I am. I will know when you are coming for I will hear your footsteps upon me and I will wait to greet you with loving arms and tell you how much I love you for I am your mother”.



Magdalene High Priestess Training

We have launched a new online audio course, Magdalene High Priestess Training. This is available for those who have completed the Magdalene Priestess Training. It can be begun at 4 dates during the year and those who enrol must be able to participate in the closed facebook group, The Enchanted Castle, which has been set up specifically for this course.

This is a course of deep personal healing as well as providing mystical and magical teachings; it includes also ceremonial and past life work.

Those who complete the training will be qualified to train and initiate others as Magdalene Priestesses and they will be able to perform rites of passage ceremonies for others.

Here is the link to information about the training:



Flower Of The Month

Flowers belong to another realm; they are the healers of the soul. Their cosmic blueprints are within the worlds of spirit. Each month I bring to you a flower and this month I give you a Bluebell.

The colour blue is very important this month for it is a month of healing. Blue is not very abundant in nature and so when we do find a true blue colour it is very special indeed. The Bluebell brings the bells of change for it is time for change for each and every one of you even if those changes are only small. If you wish to make changes then visualise me and ring my bells. If you need to change your energy then ring the bells in your aura and your energy will be transformed with the healing blue light. The Bluebell brings the fairy energy and gives you entrance into the fairy realms and whenever you work with these elemental beings you are entering in to a higher level of light for they bring lightness and they are connected to the element of air. If you need to be lifted up or if life is very stressful then go in your inner journeys deep into the Woods and enter into the magical world of the fairies and they will nurture you and fill you with their joy and light and you will always return renewed.



Magdalene Priestess Training

This is an 8 part series of downloadable audio workshops to be completed during each turning of the wheel of the year. I have set up a closed facebook group, Magdalene Priestesses, where you are to share your experiences of the teachings with me and with the others who participate. You will be given guidance and feedback there; you will also have the support of other trainee priestesses. At the completion of the year long course following the writing of a short essay you will be able to call yourself a Magdalene Priestess and set up your own circle if you wish. This course will enable you to awaken to the lives you have lived as a priestess. Mary Magdalene was a Nazarene Priestess and she along with other cosmic teachers will provide the knowledge for this training. You can begin at any time of the year.

The cost is £40 for each of the 8 parts.

As we have had enquiries from people who would like to do this course alone for their own personal healing and education without participating in the Facebook group we are now offering it as a self-study course also. There will be no initiation or certificate at the end of it; the cost for each of these workshops is £20.

 A CD version is available for UK by post, details on download page.

For those of you who are fully trained Magdalene Priestesses you can now register to begin the High Priestess Training. Please get in touch if you are interested.



Mystic Journeys

Sit very quietly and take time to detach from the world around you and from any thoughts.

As you enter deep within you will become aware of a beautiful light around you and that light will surround you and it will lift you up. You will feel yourself rising gently upwards and upwards and you will travel through realms of the softest pastel light and a great lightness of being will fill you.

You will eventually arrive in the most beautiful world of light were everything looks like the Earth but it is filled with abundant light. As you begin to explore your surroundings you will feel that light begin to fill you and it is the most wonderful and peaceful feeling. As you journey you see so much beauty everywhere, more beauty than you have ever seen before.

You then notice before you some large crystals which look like standing stones and when you approach them you see that you have been brought to a circle of crystals and as soon as you enter in to that circle a huge burst of energy flows through you.

In the very centre of the circle is an altar made of diamond for you have come to an outdoor Temple. There are no walls to this Temple for it is open to everything but it is still a Temple. You go to the altar and you place your hands upon it and you feel as though you are connected to the great divine light which is the source of all things and your heart is filled with love.

With your hands upon the altar you begin to speak of anything which is concerning you, all your troubles and all your worries, you empty out and speak and let the words flow and you watch as they fall on to the altar and enter into a crystal chalice which is upon it. You empty out like never before until you feel completely empty. You then hold your chalice up into the air and you watch as a hand of light comes and takes the chalice from you for you have handed over all those things which are causing you pain.

After a little while the chalice is brought back to you but this time it is filled with sparkling liquid crystal and you are asked to drink it and it will heal you from head to toe. After this to show your gratitude you go and pick the most beautiful flowers you can find and you place them upon the altar. You then go and sit with your back to one of the beautiful crystals and you allow the peace and tranquillity of this place to fill your entire being.




We now have a YouTube channel to share healing messages so if you would like to listen to the messages here is the link:



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