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Welcome to the November Magdalene Newsletter,

a place of sharing in these transformational times, honouring the earth and the sacred feminine during our journey towards unity. The old ways of separation do not work in the new world and as we move towards inner wholeness we are now coming together both within and without.

In the cycle of the wheel of the year November 1st marks the beginning of a new year. The old year completed at Samhain and now it is time to begin again with new values and new ways of looking at everything.

May you be blessed by the new in all aspects of your life.

With love,

Margaret and Graham







Telephone Consultations


As well as offering Soul To Soul Healing appointments by telephone I am now providing Personal Transmission sessions also by telephone. These are 60 minute long sessions where you receive channelled messages for your healing and spiritual evolution. The details are on the website:




If you have any words that you would like to share with others, then send them in to Margaret at;


Messages Of Light

It was back in 2012 when we first heard so much about the return of the divine feminine upon the planet and everything changed as we made the first steps to fully embody the female energies in both males and females yet again. There has been such a quickening in this area with many women now owning their power and many men too for the men as well in some cases had lost their own sense of the feminine within.

Mary Magdalene has shone her light so brightly touching many, reawakening them to their own power and many have chosen or been chosen to work with her to share her teachings of harmony and the bringing of heaven to Earth as well as our right to our own intuition, self nurturing and the speaking of truth. The process of all of this continues and during the last seven years many changes have been made and many women and men have turned towards the light of the inner female honouring themselves in a way they never have before.

At this moment at the beginning of the New Year according to the cycle of the year we stand at the threshold of yet even more empowerment with the embracing of the divine feminine but at this moment it is the divine mother and everything connected to mother energy which is flooding our consciousness, it is happening in this very moment. This is to bring a greater expansion of our understanding of what the divine feminine really means. We have been used for so long to look to the male side of divinity but now the goddess takes her rightful place alongside the gods. The goddess energy is primarily the mother energy. One of the first major goddesses was Isis and she was the mother and it was her upon whom Mary the mother of Christ was modelled as she was made into the epitome of the mother. Mary has been worshipped in many forms in many religions and many have and still continue to turn to her as a return to their own mother.

You are being asked now in this moment to awaken further to what the mother really means and by doing so you will also expand your awareness of what the divine feminine stands for. No matter what your own relationship with your mother was the bond between mother and child is the most special of all. There are two sides to this as with everything and even though there was a great love from your own mother to you often there were also the wounds which your own mother has put upon you. Indeed there are ones which your father has put upon you as well but here we are relating to the mother. Very often the mothers have carried the family lineage of wounding and passed on from generation to generation those things and those issues which continually cause pain.

Our mothers are often our greatest teachers for they know us better than anyone else and they teach us through love as well as many uncomfortable lessons, lessons around control and so many other things. In the process of self-healing when you go back throughout your life and find the patterns which were planted in childhood, patterns which continually recreate the same unhappy circumstances in your life very often it goes back to the very beginning. You may have had wounds with your mother where she has treated you emotionally in not the best way and it may have been hard for you to let go and accept that this was all part of your education and it was meant to be. However we cannot let go until it is time and not before.

There may be times in your life where you feel greatly in need of a motherís arms around you and as I reach out into the world I can feel that there are so many during these times who need this, so very many. Those who cry out for comfort and reassurance and the type of comfort which only a mother can give. If your mother has passed on it may be that you miss her so much for she will have left a big empty space within you and when the mothers come around us in spirit and they do indeed bring comfort it is not the same as feeling a pair of arms holding you close and loving you unconditionally.

Whatever you are going through, whatever you are healing it is a motherís love which you need at this time. No matter how much your mother caused you emotional distress it is her love which you need. As this is not always possible if your mother has passed or if your relationship with your mother is not always peaceful or if you are still working through issues created in your relationship with your mother you can still access the mother energy at any time you wish.

The great healers from times gone by whom we call witches were often called the mothers so you turned to the mother of the village when you needed help and you can understand fully why this is so for they would nurture you and provide you with what ever you needed. The fairies too were often called the mothers for their beautiful light energy brought so much warmth and nurturing as well. There are many mother goddesses you can call upon and connect to them to receive their wisdom and their light; there are so many ways to connect to the mother.

You can call upon the divine mother in the same way you may previously have called on God and she will come to you in form so sense and feel her and she will provide you with the nourishment and the love and care to take your troubles away.

The lady who was my teacher was often called Ma by the people who came to her, she was always a mother in more ways than one but she was an expert at comforting people in their time of need. She would sit you down in a cosy chair by the fire in her parlour, she would make you endless cups of tea and feed you toasted crumpets, toasted teacakes or cakes and you would tell her your troubles. After you had explained what was on your mind she would give you the wisdom to understand what it was all about and you would be healed and your mind would be free and at peace because you knew that everything was all right. Just to hear her words, you are all right would be enough to soothe your heart and take away your cares.

I often say to people who are setting out to begin their spiritual work as a teacher to create a homely atmosphere when they gather people together because the spiritual teacher is the mother and the students are her children. Even though someone may be working in a hired hall in a new building they can still create a cosy atmosphere with the love and the nurturing which is given out and of course tea and cake are essential.

There are other ways to feel the mother energy and Iím sure you understand this like when you have spent an afternoon with a good friend drinking tea or coffee and eating cake both of you sharing your troubles and both of you reassuring one another. Of course any time you turn to a bar of chocolate or hot chocolate or any comfort food it is the mother you really need.

Many of us have spent so long, understanding, healing and transforming all the wounds within us and we have reclaimed our true selves, giving ourselves back our voice and our empowerment with the freedom to say no and to speak our truth even if people do not want to hear it. This is the return of the divine feminine, just being true to ourselves and learning to love ourselves completely in what ever way we need after years of self-denial but now youíre being asked to take all this a step further and to embrace the divine feminine in the form of the mother; you can do it in any of the ways I have mentioned but your true mother is within and she will always love you and she will always nurture you and be there for you.

You do not need to travel to the realms of light or to bask in wonderful crystalline energies of light all you need is to go within and seek her there. Go into your heart and wait and watch as beautiful scenes come before your inner vision. A cosy cottage, a parlour filled with the warmth of a roaring fire, a beautiful garden, in the Woods or by a stream it is here where you will find her. She waits for you, she waits with open arms and she will welcome you as a mother always welcomes a child. You can go and sit with her and tell her your sorrows and she will put her hand over yours and she will say you are all right, it will be all right and you will feel such comfort flowing through you. She will feed you with her wisdom and comfort you with her light and she will wrap her loving arms around you and tell you everything is all right.

When we reclaim the mother within we are accepting the divine feminine more than ever before for she is the divine mother, she gave birth to you and you are not separate from her at all and she will always be there for you like a guardian angel or a fairy godmother.

Each time you connect to her you will feel a warm glow in your heart and you will know all is well and that your mother will protect you and take care of you but remember to mother yourself as well in your daily life. Find time to sit and do nothing with a cup of tea and a piece of cake. Light your candles at night and wrap something warm around you and get cosy and do the things you love to do. Spend precious time with your friends with the ones who feed you and you feed them back and now each of us can be a mother to each other.

I would like to complete this by sharing with you a very happy memory I have from childhood. Every Wednesday afternoon my father finished work early and myself and my sister and brother would gather around the fire in the living room after school with him and my mother and she would toast crumpets for us on the fire. My mother always made sure our home was so cosy and like me she had flowers everywhere. The simplicity of this and the beauty of this has never left me and it still warms my heart to remember the joy and cosiness which my mother provided.



Magdalene High Priestess Training

We have an online audio course, Magdalene High Priestess Training. This is available for those who have completed the Magdalene Priestess Training. It can be begun at 4 dates during the year and those who enrol must be able to participate in the closed facebook group, The Enchanted Castle, which has been set up specifically for this course.

This is a course of deep personal healing as well as providing mystical and magical teachings; it includes also ceremonial and past life work.

Those who complete the training will be qualified to train and initiate others as Magdalene Priestesses and they will be able to perform rites of passage ceremonies for others.

Here is the link to information about the training:



Flower Of The Month

Flowers belong to another realm; they are the healers of the soul. Their cosmic blueprints are within the worlds of spirit. Each month I bring to you a flower and this month I give to you a motherwort flower. This is a long stemmed plant with green leaves and tiny pink flowers interspersed along the stem. It does not matter if you do not know this flower but you may like to look it up to become familiar with this but what is important is the name for the name carries the vibration and the meaning of the flower.

This herb is very good for the heart, for womenís problems and anxiety but more than anything it is to do with the essence and vibration of the mother. Use this flower if you have lost your mother no matter how long ago and you are still grieving for her. Use it if you have issues with your mother and use it if you need to feel the warmth and the love which only a mother can give.

Place this flower within your heart and feel the pink light filling every corner of the space then say the name of the flower three times. Your heart will fill with the love, harmony and nurturing mother love of this beautiful flower and you can sit within that light and allow yourself to feel as though a beautiful pink shawl has been put around you by your mother and you will feel at peace so use it when ever you need to feel the comfort from a mother.



Magdalene Priestess Training

This is an 8 part series of downloadable audio workshops to be completed during each turning of the wheel of the year. I have set up a closed facebook group, Magdalene Priestesses, where you are to share your experiences of the teachings with me and with the others who participate. You will be given guidance and feedback there; you will also have the support of other trainee priestesses. At the completion of the year long course following the writing of a short essay you will be able to call yourself a Magdalene Priestess. This course will enable you to awaken to the lives you have lived as a priestess. Mary Magdalene was a Nazarene Priestess and she along with other cosmic teachers will provide the knowledge for this training. You can begin at any time of the year.

The cost is £50 for each of the 8 parts.

As we have had enquiries from people who would like to do this course alone for their own personal healing and education without participating in the Facebook group we are now offering it as a self-study course also. There will be no initiation or certificate at the end of it; the cost for each of these workshops is £20.

For those of you who are fully trained Magdalene Priestesses you can now register to begin the High Priestess Training. Please get in touch if you are interested.



Mystic Journeys

Go into your heart and what you will find within will be the most beautiful cottage parlour you have ever seen and even before you look around to see where you are the love here touches you so very deeply, you feel as though you have come home. It is beautifully decorated with flowers on the curtains and vases of fresh flowers and old worn cosy furniture and a fire roaring in the grate.

As you approach the fire you realise that there is someone sitting in one of the two chairs placed by the fire and when you look to see who is there the most beautiful quaint old lady with the sweetest smile is there. You look into her eyes and they are timeless it is as though the whole universe is within her for she carries the mysteries and the wisdom of the cosmos inside her. She is the great mother of all.

She stands up and holds you close and even though she looks old she is strong and her strength immediately fills you up. She giggles and smiles with so much joy and that joy is infectious.

The kettle hanging over the fire begins to boil and she takes it and makes tea in a rose patterned teapot. When the tea brews she pours it out into two rose covered china teacups and she hands you one. She then takes a toasting fork and toasts crumpets over the fire and you watch as the fire brings its delicious flavour into the crumpets. She butters the crumpets when they are ready and places strawberry jam on the top and hands them to you and then together in companionable silence you enjoy this wonderful treat and you drink the rich brown tea together. At first there is nothing to say there is only the joy and the comfort to be found in the presence of this lady who epitomises the divine mother.

After a little while she asks you to share your troubles with her and she listens so attentively. When you have finished she smiles and she comes over and puts her arm around your shoulder and she tells you that everything will be all right.

You could stay here forever with her but when it is time to leave she takes a flower from one of the vases and places it in your hand and she tells you to take this as a reminder that she is always here sitting in your heart waiting for your visit. You take the flower back with you and this flower will be a constant reminder that you are never ever on your own.




We now have a YouTube channel to share healing messages so if you would like to listen to the messages here is the link:



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