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January Magdalene Newsletter 2021


Welcome to the January Magdalene Newsletter, a place of sharing in these transformational times, honouring the earth and the sacred feminine during our journey towards unity. The old ways of separation do not work in the new world and as we move towards inner wholeness we are now coming together both within and without.

We would like to wish you all a very happy new year, may it be filled with many blessings for you and much love, light and peace.


With love,

Margaret and Graham







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As well as offering Soul To Soul Healing appointments by telephone or audio Zoom I am now providing Personal Transmission sessions by telephone or audio Zoom also. These are 60 minute long sessions where you receive channelled messages for your healing and spiritual evolution. The details are on the website:



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Messages Of Light

The last few years I have been very aware of the vibration of the colour aquamarine, I am not referring to the crystal but to the colour of it. The feeling has increased as time has gone by and I knew from the beginning that this is the colour of newness, I knew it then and I know it now without a doubt.

This colour has been building up in recent weeks until it has become so strong and it is the colour of this new year. By connecting to this vibration you too will be bringing in new energies for yourself and for your awakening. The word aquamarine means water and sea and so we know that this year is the year of the water element. We are made of the elements and they are so important in our spiritual understanding and healing and at different times different elements will be more prominent and there will be times where one element will also work together with another.

The Marine part of the word brings the sea and the sea is so important for it carries much symbolism. When we work with the water element there are so many aspects of it which we can bring in for healing and awakening. You can use a river, a waterfall, a spring, the ocean, there are so many types of water but when we bring in the sea it helps us to see, to see clearly.

We work our way through the rainbow individually and collectively and at different times we can be drawn to different colours and when we have absorbed each vibration very often we will then be drawn to another colour, I have always worked like this but the colour of aquamarine has stayed with me with a passion for the last few years and I know now it has reached its culmination as we begin this New Year.

We are now in the age of Aquarius, we are at the very beginning of it and Aquarius is the water bearer and Aquarius also brings new ideas and new ways of thinking and at this very moment in time we are on the verge of the new. You may not believe this after the last year we have experienced because there has been so much disruption and so much suffering but a baby cannot be born quietly, it comes into this world through the pain of the mother and making itself known as it finds its voice.

Many spiritual people have known for a long time that there were changes coming and we have seen those changes in climate change and now there will be more change to come in the material world because of everything we have all gone through in this past year. This is the moment we have all been waiting for and we are the rainbow warriors which the planet has been waiting for for we understand the purpose of the changes and we are here to experience the birth pangs of a new world.

This new world will take a long time to come into existence but it has begun and it begins in earnest this year. There is still much to clear away and so much to understand but you cannot have newness without the falling away of the old. The aquamarine vibration is here to show us what this newness is all about. It is about the water element and creating purification but also flow and forward movement. If you think of a river which always flows then this is what this colour brings so that you do not become stuck or stagnant. This is also the colour of communication and the throat chakra and for many who have kept quiet for so long this vibration will enable them to release themselves from the shackles of not speaking out.

I feel this colour strongly with Mary Magdalene and although we associate her predominantly with the colour ray of pink she brings many other colours but this colour comes from her now as well. It is a colour of the divine feminine for it carries the water within it and the water is feminine so we have a strong sense of feminine energy as the year begins and this is not just for females it is for the divine feminine within both male and female for the divine feminine is the deep intuition and the truth of it which resides at the core of us all.

This energy is ancient for it speaks of the ancient mysteries but it is ancient energy brought in to the present time for this is what is happening spiritually. Many are becoming priests and priestesses but not in the old ways they are becoming modern day priests and priestesses bringing the ancient mysteries into the future transformed for a modern world. Mary Magdalene’s presence takes on a quiet vibration at the start of this year it is almost as though she is in the background but holding everyone in her loving arms. Her quietness is support for she has already achieved much in bringing women forward, those who have stood in the shadows afraid to speak out for fear of recriminations, women who have felt so unworthy no matter how talented they were for it has been conditioned into them. Magdalene has worked so hard behind-the-scenes so that her light has now touched many and those who have come out of the shadows are now ready to speak out. This is not about speaking out in any aggressive way this is quiet truth with a punch within it for it hits the mark for those who need to hear it.

For all that has been experienced in this past year and for all the conspiracy theories and misinformation spread particularly by the spiritual community everything is as it is meant to be, it is just another step in the journey to a better world. Our hearts have been opened by observing the suffering of others and by observing the totally committed dedication of those who care for others. Our hearts are being opened by seeing the kindness which has been present and our hearts can only be opened by facing and seeing those things which cause us pain.

Let our hearts expand further for we each have a part to play to bring in this new world, it won’t be instant and we won’t see it in our lifetimes but we are pioneers in the clearing away of the old and the bringing in of a new way of being. The aquamarine colour and all that it represents comes in strongly today for you and you will feel it for it has been building ready to be shared with everyone and it will create a foundation for truth and forward movement and a greater understanding of all things.

I remember back in 1990 when David Icke first started speaking out about all manner of spiritual things and he wore a turquoise tracksuit and he encouraged his followers to wear the same colour, he thought that it conducted positive energy. In my own opinion as time went by he completely lost his direction but having said that he was aware of the turquoise colour which is very much related to aquamarine and now today the purest vibration of it comes in just for you.

If you can think of the most exquisite aquamarine crystal clear waters in an exotic place this will show you what we are receiving and if you look at pictures of these aquamarine waters you will be drawn in so deeply with a greater understanding and you will feel the full force of it for you will feel the colour and you will feel the water element too.

Whenever I am drawn to a colour and colour is so much part of my own spiritual work I become obsessed with it and I usually look for the colour on the outside such as in clothing or flowers or for decoration but I have always known the truth that it is the colour itself which I need to take in. Having said that the feeling from the colour is so strong I usually go and buy something in that colour and this one has not gone away it has just become stronger.

Aquamarine is a very high vibration and because of all the clearing and healing you have been doing you are now able to hold more light for when you let go of the old you create a space for the new and the more light you have the more your consciousness will expand.

As I am writing for you I am very aware of my third eye and I can feel an aquamarine crystal within it. It feels like a torchlight shining the light in front and around and that light is aquamarine. I have taken in that much of this colour that it is already within me and I will give this colour out to people without realising it because this is what we do; we share our light without even being aware of it. We are a container for the light; we are a container for all the rainbow colours for our light body is a rainbow Diamond light body filled with every colour you can imagine.

Take in this colour, wear it, visualise it in your journeying, visualise aquamarine crystal. Crystals of light are far more powerful than physical crystals and we do not have to take them from mother Earth we can manifest them with our minds. Surround yourself in this colour and you will step into the new and you will feel it and you will sense the shift in vibration within you and you will indeed shift and what happens when you do shift is that you can no longer live within the old energies. You begin to feel what is old whether that is in your everyday life or whether it is in your spiritual work it becomes so apparent and this lets you know you are moving into the new.

If you ever have the feeling that your clothes feel old or that the food you are cooking doesn’t feel as though it is right for you or even if friends don’t seem to resonate with you in the same way this is all because you are moving from the old into the new and at this time this means that you are shifting into the aquamarine.

Go with these feelings for they are coming from your higher self pushing you forward. There are days sometimes when I wake up and I can feel an intense energy within me and I have to use it by creating change whether it is in the house or in the garden or in what I cook, it is so strong I have to follow it and it is strong because it is coming from my soul. This is like feng shui where you change things around your home or your garden to direct the energies in different ways and again the water element creates flow and change so if you wake up and feel the urge to wear different clothes, cook different food or to change your furniture or to rearrange your garden then follow these things.

Always be aware that all of these are just showing you what is going on within you for what you are drawn to create on the outside is just a reflection of the change within. This inner change is here for you all and when we change the world changes too. There is hope for a better world and it will come but we are the warriors of the rainbow who have come for this new beginning.

About a week ago I brought in a posy of flowers from my garden and I put it on the windowsill and it taught me so much. The posy included a pink rose called spirit of freedom, a nasturtium, some yellow bidens, a viola, a golden marigold and some borage flowers. I understand because of climate change that flowers now will bloom into the winter but I was so amazed that I was able to bring in the same flowers I had brought in in the summertime. The lesson from this for me was of hope and that even in the midwinter there is always hope. Flowers are a symbol of hope for they can grow in the darkest of places and the darkest of winter as my flowers proved to me and this message from them to you is that however dark this last year may have seen to you hope shines radiantly for a better world to come.

As sure as the dawn follows the night then spring will always follow the winter so let our hearts be opened with all we have seen and shared and let them be renewed in the newness which is here now in this beautiful vibration of the aquamarine connected to Mary Magdalene and the divine feminine and the water which gives us life.



Magdalene High Priestess Training

We have an online audio course, Magdalene High Priestess Training. This is available for those who have completed the Magdalene Priestess Training. It can be begun at 4 dates during the year and those who enrol must be able to participate in the closed Facebook group, The Enchanted Castle, which has been set up specifically for this course.

This is a course of deep personal healing as well as providing mystical and magical teachings; it includes also ceremonial and past life work.

Those who complete the training will be qualified to train and initiate others as Magdalene Priestesses and they will be able to perform rites of passage ceremonies for others.

Here is the link to information about the training:



Flower Of The Month

Flowers belong to another realm; they are the healers of the soul. Their cosmic blueprints are within the worlds of spirit. Each month I bring you a flower and this month I give to you a water forget-me-not. This flower looks the same as a garden forget-me-not but it grows near to water and it is a perennial; it is also called true forget-me-not.

This flower looks the same as an ordinary forget-me-not and it carries the same essence as the garden variety accept that it has the added benefit of the water element blended with it. Take this water forget-me-not and place it in your heart and let it remind you of how amazing and worthy you are so that you will never forget your true value.

This flower connects you deeply to your soul, to your true self and it reaches out to you saying to you, do not forget me, please do not forget me for when you remember who you are you stand strong and tall in your own light.

If you have any situations where you need to stand up to someone and you need to speak your truth and to feel truly worthy then remember this flower which is in your heart and it will give you the strength to stand firm; it will also bring you the water element, the flow to enable you to always move forward.



Magdalene Priestess Training

This is an 8 part series of downloadable audio workshops to be completed during each turning of the wheel of the year. I have set up a closed facebook group, Magdalene Priestesses, where you are to share your experiences of the teachings with me and with the others who participate. You will be given guidance and feedback there; you will also have the support of other trainee priestesses. At the completion of the year long course following the writing of a short essay you will be able to call yourself a Magdalene Priestess and set up your own circle if you wish. This course will enable you to awaken to the lives you have lived as a priestess. Mary Magdalene was a Nazarene Priestess and she along with other cosmic teachers will provide the knowledge for this training. You can begin at any time of the year.

The cost is £80 for each of the 8 parts.

As we have had enquiries from people who would like to do this course alone for their own personal healing and education without participating in the Facebook group we are now offering it as a self-study course also. There will be no initiation or certificate at the end of it; the cost for each of these workshops is £30.

For those of you who are fully trained Magdalene Priestesses you can now register to begin the High Priestess Training.

Please get in touch if you are interested.



Mystic Journeys

This year the rose is going to increase in the potency of its vibration for us. The rose is a symbol of the divine feminine as well as Mary Magdalene but it is so much more than this and it is the ultimate healer.

Sit quietly and you will feel a shower of pink rose petals rain down over you and you will smell the perfume of those petals and that perfume will fill you completely.

Sit within this beautiful energy and then eventually you will feel the warm sun upon you and when you look you will discover that you are sitting in the most exquisite rose garden surrounded by roses of every type and every colour. You take in the beauty which is everywhere and you look above to see the sky so blue and a golden sun shining down over you.

You then become aware of a light approaching you and when you look into that light you see a female dressed in an aquamarine gown and she comes towards you and takes your hand. She leads you through the garden until eventually you come to a healing pool in the shape of a 12 pointed star and made entirely of aquamarine crystal. The beauty of this pool touches you so deeply within for you can feel the healing just flowing in it.

You enter the pool as instructed by your companion and she sits and watches you as you float in the aquamarine coloured water but as you float upon your back under the warm sun you are very aware of the geometry of this pool. You can feel the 12 pointed star holding you in it very powerful vibration and you feel healing coming from the shape of the star as well as from the crystal and as well as from the water.

The female watching over you like a guardian angel begins to sing to you in the most beautiful tones and her music fills you completely and you feel as though you have entered paradise.




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