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Welcome to the December Magdalene Newsletter,

a place of sharing in these transformational times, honouring the earth and the sacred feminine during our journey towards unity. The old ways of separation do not work in the new world and as we move towards inner wholeness we are now coming together both within and without.

This month brings the winter solstice on December 22nd and it marks the return of the light, the return of the Sun. May you be blessed by the abundant light and may it shine on your path leading you forward always in the knowledge that you are not alone and that you are always helps and guided by the guardians of the light.

Sending you all many light filled blessings and thank you for being there and part of our community and for always holding the light for others and for our blessed Earth.

With love,

Margaret and Graham







Telephone Consultations


As well as offering Soul To Soul Healing appointments by telephone I am now providing Personal Transmission sessions also by telephone. These are 60 minute long sessions where you receive channelled messages for your healing and spiritual evolution. The details are on the website:




If you have any words that you would like to share with others, then send them in to Margaret at;


Messages Of Light

It is the light which is the source of our wisdom, our healing and it is also love; we have come from light and we will return to that very  light and if we could see our true selves beyond the physical body we would see that we are all made of the same light.

December 25th is celebrated as the birth of Jesus but this is not the truth for he was born in 7 B.C. on March 1st. The whole celebration of Christmas is not correct for it is based upon the ancient ways following the cycles of the year. The church created their Christian celebrations on the dates used by those who followed nature and god and goddess. This was done to steer people away from the old ways so that they would follow the path which those in authority dictated.

Most ancient cultures celebrated the winter solstice as the time of the birth of the Sun and the time when the goddess gave birth to the child. How familiar that story is when we look at how the churches have manipulated it. The Sun from the solstice begins its journey of bringing in more light each day and as the light grows the child of the goddess grows also. She conceived a child at the spring Equinox and nine months later gives birth to it at the winter solstice.

It is time to dispel so many myths which so many have followed without questioning for so long and one of these is the myth that Jesus was born on December 25th in the year 2000 and the myth also that he was to be elevated and looked upon in awe and not someone who could be treated like a close friend. His presence is very strongly felt at the moment along with the presence of Mary Magdalene for she is making herself known more than ever before and at the same time Jesus is present amongst us more than ever too. At this time you will often be aware of them coming together as a pair for the two energies are very much intermingling at this time.

It is not only the myths which have been created by the church to keep us from the truth but there are many new age myths as well which are not the truth and these must be disarmed and dismantled. We need to see Jesus as an ordinary man and the same also applies to Mary Magdalene and this does not take away from the magnificent unique souls they both were and still are. The message of Jesus is truth for he heals the heart and it is the heart which speaks the truth and he wants the truth to be known about so many things. Mary Magdalene was a teacher in her own right and she had her own followers and her teachings were the same as those of Jesus for they both taught that god/goddess are within.

Mary Magdalene brings her teachings now to the world more than ever and one of her greatest messages is that everything you need is within and this is the absolute truth. We have been so accustomed to looking without, to looking to other people for our answers and it certainly brings comfort for many live in fear and anxiety and comfort is dearly needed at times for this path is not easy. Mary teaches you that as much as you can to go within, go and sit in your heart and ask your questions and wait and in the silence you will be given your guidance. Bring her to you and bring Jesus to you as well and sit with them and ask for help and you will receive his guidance also.

I have found that many in these recent months have spent more time living quietly and this is something which happens every now and again on the spiritual path but it seems to be happening to more and more and the reason for this is that now more than ever we need to go within to find the truth and the answers we are looking for. All the guides you have ever worked with are part of you now for they are aspects of you and you will find them inside and you will find that you have access to countless beautiful wise beings.

There is a difference between the outside and the inside and when you begin your work and for a long time after that you work on the outside and you see or sense your guides outside of you and you sense energies outside of you but more and more as you become spiritually mature it is on the inside where your guidance will come from. You are part of the divine, you are part of god or goddess and even though we can understand this intellectually it is only at the moment of self realisation or enlightenment that any of us can truly know this. Once you do reach that point of understanding then you know that god and goddess are indeed inside you.

There is so much love available to you now in this moment from the joint energies of Mary Magdalene and Jesus and that love is more than you have ever felt before for their love for each other was more than just a physical love it was from their very souls. No matter where you are upon your path and no matter what you are going through in your life whether it be physically or emotionally you need love and you need comfort and you need nurturing and the greatest love you will ever find comes as spiritual love. I am sure you have experienced the deep love when you have a very close spiritual friend but the love available to you from spirit is that increased many times over.

Truth and love are the gifts which they both bring to you and truth is love and love is truth and it is only love which can really make you whole. Go beyond the love you have already felt from Jesus and Mary, go way beyond anything you have felt until this time and connect to them in such an ordinary way and see them as two ordinary people and you will find that they will come closer than they have ever been to you.

They stand before me hand-in-hand and they ask that you take their love as one just for now and their love will multiply within you and even if you already have much love in your life there is always room for more divine love for this is what they bring to you. I watch them now as they take steps closer and I know that this is symbolic of them coming closer to us as those in the world turn towards them. Mary has an apple in her hands and she has often been associated with blue apples. She cuts the apple in half diagonally revealing the five pointed star within it. She is showing us by this action that she is one of a pair for they are each one half of the apple and yet when that Apple is cut in half each half contains the star. The star is the soul; it is the ultimate symbol of the soul.

As they stand together so close now the Sun rises behind them just like the Sun on the morning of the winter solstice but this Sun is tinged with the pink of a new dawn and they show you that you too can always have a new dawn so never give up hope always believe and always believe that your sun can always rise.

The Sun is just like Jesus who was known as the son of God, he carries the Christos energy within him and this means the anointed one and when we reach the greatest stage of evolution of the soul and deep Communion with the self the Christos self will rise within you and you too will become the anointed one connected for the rest of your life with the higher part of you.

Mary Magdalene is like your sister, a sister who is always there for you and accepts you without any judgement. We can work very much with the divine mother but we also need our divine sister. How fortunate you are if you have a sister in life who you can turn to and who turns to you so look upon Mary in the same way.

She has called us soul sisters since she first allowed her presence to be felt more fully seven years ago and this is the energy she brings so please know that you have access to the divine sister energy as well as the divine mother energy which you love so much.

So look now to your celestial family and I know that as Christmas comes you see the truth behind the myths and you see the truth behind all the materialism but look to your true family who are making their presence felt more than ever before. Look to Jesus as your brother and look to Magdalene as your sister and spend time with them and each connection you make will fill you with the love they long to give to you. Learn their vibrations as they come to you now, it will not be as it was before, it will be so soft and ordinary and gentle and yet infused with the most heart-warming love.

Remind yourself of that love before the Sun returns and when it is dark that love will be like a candle and it will light your way. Remember the words of Jesus when he said I am the light of the world; he came to me today holding a lantern and I share that lantern with you so take it in your hands and whenever you need the light of understanding remember the lantern and let it shine upon everything. Remember when you cut an apple diagonally and that too will remind you of what Magdalene showed you; the two stars as one within and you too carry the star within you, an everlasting reminder that you are a soul who has come to live upon the Earth to heal and to learn and that you are never alone for you are always surrounded by many shining stars.



Magdalene High Priestess Training

We have an online audio course, Magdalene High Priestess Training. This is available for those who have completed the Magdalene Priestess Training. It can be begun at 4 dates during the year and those who enrol must be able to participate in the closed facebook group, The Enchanted Castle, which has been set up specifically for this course.

This is a course of deep personal healing as well as providing mystical and magical teachings; it includes also ceremonial and past life work.

Those who complete the training will be qualified to train and initiate others as Magdalene Priestesses and they will be able to perform rites of passage ceremonies for others.

Here is the link to information about the training:



Flower Of The Month

Flowers belong to another realm; they are the healers of the soul. Their cosmic blueprints are within the worlds of spirit. Each month I bring to you a flower and this month I give to you honeysuckle.

Even in the depths of midwinter we can still work with flowers by manifesting them so that they come to us in the light. There is much sweetness needed in the world today and some of you may be feeling the need for this sweetness in your own personal lives and honeysuckle brings this in abundance.

In my own garden I have honeysuckle flowers blooming at this time, a little miracle which means so much to me. Manifest the honeysuckle and take one of its little trumpet flowers and see yourself sucking the nectar from it and you will be filled with the beautiful golden sweetness which it carries. Put that sweetness in your heart and let it nourish you and remind you of sweet times to come; drink from this cup every day and you will be renewed and nurtured by this wonderful flower.



Magdalene Priestess Training

This is an 8 part series of downloadable audio workshops to be completed during each turning of the wheel of the year. I have set up a closed facebook group, Magdalene Priestesses, where you are to share your experiences of the teachings with me and with the others who participate. You will be given guidance and feedback there; you will also have the support of other trainee priestesses. At the completion of the year long course following the writing of a short essay you will be able to call yourself a Magdalene Priestess. This course will enable you to awaken to the lives you have lived as a priestess. Mary Magdalene was a Nazarene Priestess and she along with other cosmic teachers will provide the knowledge for this training. You can begin at any time of the year.

The cost is £50 for each of the 8 parts.

As we have had enquiries from people who would like to do this course alone for their own personal healing and education without participating in the Facebook group we are now offering it as a self-study course also. There will be no initiation or certificate at the end of it; the cost for each of these workshops is £20.

For those of you who are fully trained Magdalene Priestesses you can now register to begin the High Priestess Training. Please get in touch if you are interested.



Mystic Journeys

There is a world of magic right here right now, another dimension which we can have access to. This other realm is filled with such magic as you have read about in your fairy tales for there have always been those who have crossed into this world where anything is possible.

Take yourself into the realm of magic and go there often and bring that magic back into your daily life so that it becomes filled with the extra ordinary instead of the ordinary.

Sit quietly and go deeply within and you will find that you are suddenly sprinkled with myriads of particles of fairy dust in every colour and this is just like millions of tiny lights exploding all at the same time.

Sit for a while and enjoy the moment as you are given entrance into another world. The lights will part and you will find yourself outside under a full moon with the light shining and lighting up the whole landscape before you. This is a world like the world you already live in yet it is different for the light is different and there are beings here who scatter light from their footsteps wherever they walk. You have entered into the realm of magic.

There is so much for you to see, so much for you to experience and so many wonderful beings to encounter. There are parties to attend with the most joyful singing and music, there are fairy houses to be invited into and there are magical brews and potions to be given to you to help you.

As you enter this world and explore to your heartís content you will eventually come to the very centre of this place and you will come to the tree which is the Guardian of this land. The tree is so ancient and it has seen so much and within its huge trunk is a place of great peace and love and joy and the tree beckons you to come and enter within. Inside the tree is the most beautiful sight of such cosy things with a roaring fire and comfortable chairs to sit in. As you sit before the fire you hear the voice of the tree as it speaks to you and tells you many things and then it begins to sing you a lullaby and you fall asleep for you are filled with the greatest peace and relaxation.

There are no thoughts in your mind here for this is the place of dreaming and of being free to experience the magic and the peace which is here for all those given entrance to this secret world.




We now have a YouTube channel to share healing messages so if you would like to listen to the messages here is the link:



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