The Call Of The Soul


A Personal Story


Several years ago I had the urge to visit Glastonbury again and it was a real calling to return. When we arrived at the place we were staying several military aircraft flew very low over the building the moment we got there and it felt very much like a homecoming. During a visit to Glastonbury Abbey I sat in the orchard in the Abbey grounds and I could not take my gaze from the Tor. I felt like I had done the same thing many times before in another lifetime. Later that day after a climb up to the top of the Tor we found a little ledge to sit on the outside of the Tor itself, it is quite a hike up there. I was amazed and overcome to find that on that ledge someone had picked and placed a little yellow flower called Lesser Celandine and next to the flower was carved the initial M, the initial of my name. This is where it is interesting because I work with nature and the elements and I observe the changing seasons as they unfold. This little yellow flower is a very special flower and it means a lot to me. Every year I anticipate its return along the riverbank where I live. It is one of the first flowers of the year and it heralds the spring and it loves water as I do. When the first flower returns I honour with great joy a return of an old friend. So when I found this very flower waiting for me in Glastonbury combined with my feelings of having lived there before I knew I had found another part of me that had been left there from a previous lifetime. The yellow flower also happens to be a symbol of the soul.



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