Margaret Hunt


My background is that I spent 11 years as a primary school teacher and 9 years running my own health food shop. I trained as a Dietary Therapist and as a Touch For Health Therapist and I practised Black Hat Feng Shui. I also spent 10 years working as a volunteer dietician with cancer patients at a N.H.S. holistic centre. Since then I have spent many years as a healer, a medium and as a spiritual teacher.


I have always had a great love for nature and I have brought this passion into my present life along with the knowledge of the ancient stone circles and sacred places. I have worked spiritually out of the body at these sites for a long time now, helping others to take these journeys of awakening as they too recall their own ancient wisdom and their origins from the stars along with the understanding of the symbols left there by our ancestors.


My aim is to teach people to become their own healers and become self responsible in creating a wonderful, amazing life. Most importantly, the most sacred part of the journey and one which cannot be separated from personal transformation is the remembrance that we are beings of light walking the spiritual path with love for the whole of humanity.

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