The Language Of Flowers


To work with flowers is to enter another realm for flowers belong to the fifth dimension, they are the manifestation of light and colour. Many of us are transported into a transcendental state when we gaze at the perfection and the brilliant luminosity of flowers. They are there for us for healing, divination and spiritual understanding lifting us up in our quest for ascension.

There are many books available as well as resources on the internet explaining the language of flowers but far better than these is to work directly with your own higher self and your guides to access the unlimited wisdom of flowers. By looking at a flower or just thinking of one you immediately connect to its essence and that essence can be used to create transformation in another person. A flower can be read in the same way as any other tool of divination and you will be amazed at the volume of information which can be channelled through you. The depth of colour within a flower along with its vibration can create a great openness lifting you up onto a higher level of development.

In time as you learn your own language of flowers you can apply this to any situation which requires healing or guidance. By astutely observing the colour, shape, leaves, roots and even the place you find it growing you can connect to symbolism at a much deeper level and the symbolism will tell its story, even the name is important. Recently when I picked some flowers, the aquilegia kept falling out of the vase as it was trying to get my attention. This flower is also known as Granny’s Bonnet so when I said to the person whom they were for that her granny was trying so hard to get in touch with her she agreed. It turned out that the granny was the main focus of the time we spent together.

When you work with flowers you can use the flowers themselves but even more powerful is to manifest them and give them to a person spiritually, even just saying the name of the flower brings the vibration in. Whenever I see a daisy with a person I know that they are ready for some deep healing. The Romans used daisies to heal wounds and so if we take the symbolism of this we can say that the daisy heals inner wounds of the mind. We are all wounded in some way usually in childhood and we carry that wound through life constantly adding to its pattern until we are ready to face it and dig deep to take out its roots to set us free. By giving the daisy to another the deepest healing can begin as its essence treats the wound allowing the person to discharge the toxins by speaking of those things long buried.

I always know that whatever flowers I plant in my garden are there because I have been guided to include them and sometimes it can be an overwhelming urge to get them in the soil. Recently I planted some red dahlias and not long after that a great feeling of Mexican energy surrounded me and I travelled there in my meditations to find understanding. Then it dawned on me that the dahlia is the national flower of Mexico and so a flower can connect you to the wisdom of ancient cultures providing a doorway to those worlds. You can associate a different flower with each country and again this is best found through your own inner guidance.

The seeds of certain flowers have traditionally been used by shamans to provide altered states of consciousness but you do not need to ingest anything, all you need to do is connect to the vibration. The seeds of morning glories are one well known shamanic tool. Every year I grow these flowers and particularly one called Heavenly Blue and when the flowers appear I am filled with so much joy. To stare into these flowers which are the same colour as the midday sky is to feel as though you are in heaven.

Look into the centre of many flowers and you will find the most beautiful swirling geometry perfect in every way, or you may see a star shape within. The star is the mark of the goddess and once you begin looking you will be amazed at how many flowers carry her symbol. So when you are using a flower for healing or divination you use every aspect of the flower including the geometry for geometric symbols are keys which awaken. Use every part of the flower, the root, petals, leaves, stamens, pollen, seeds and fruit. Be aware of the whole season of the plant because while one person might need the plant at the very beginning of its growth to symbolise their new beginnings another may need a plant when it has finished flowering as they are ready for death and rebirth within their life.

All flowers are influenced by the sun, the moon, the planets and the stars and they all carry this energy within them. If you give someone a red flower you may be giving them mars energy to give them the courage to be brave and assertive. The sunflower is so obvious in bringing the sun’s energy to us and if you have been down maybe you need its vibration so that your head turns towards the light once more. Every time we connect to a flower we are merging with its colour ray and all the qualities of that ray and the masters and angels associated with that colour. There is a salvia called Blue Angel and it brings Archangel Michael.

All existence is made up of light and sound so listen to the flowers and you will hear their sound and by chanting the sound you have heard you are lifted onto the higher vibration where the flower resides. Take time also to listen to the communications of the flowers for they are our teachers and they have much wisdom to share with us. So if you need some direction go out into the garden and see which flower you are drawn to. Stand in its radiance and let it bring you comfort and guidance for your path, bask in its light and let it take you to the higher realms.




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