Seven Heavenly Temples


The spiritual journey is always about our constant progression along our evolutionary path to higher consciousness. As we move forward we constantly clear away the old energies which have been accumulated from birth and beyond. These old energies which can sometimes be ancient having being brought into this life from other lives are formed from our thoughts because it is our thoughts which create our reality and our energy field. No-one else creates what we call negative energy which in truth is just energy which has become stuck and stagnant. We need no protection in the form of cloaks and light to protect us from others because we are totally responsible for what we allow into our space.

To develop fully as a medium requires continuing work on the self for you cannot separate one from the other. When people come to me to be taught how to become mediums they do not realise that the truth is they have come to be healed and the development of their mediumship goes hand in hand with their own personal clearing. The chakras and the energy field store all the old memories and emotions and these need to be accessed and fully felt and understood digging deeper and deeper to get to the ultimate root and cause of lifelong emotional patterns.

As the healing progresses each chakra is cleared and the attention then moves from the lower centres to the higher centres where real spiritual development can take place. In time the focus becomes the heart and only a clear heart can discern truth. This is a true journey of discovery as we move through the chakras working with the associated physical as well as spiritual energies. Each chakra is a temple and to enter that temple with reverence and a desire to progress can bring great rewards. Much healing takes place in these temples, many guides are there to assist and ancient teachings await those ready to receive.

As we are all individual we perceive things through our own personal inner vision and so these temples will appear different to each one of us but the energy and the potential for transformation is always the same. The temples may even appear different each time we visit them. At this moment I can see them in the following forms: the base chakra temple is made of red fire, the sacral chakra temple is made of orange carnelian, the solar plexus chakra temple is made of citrine, the heart chakra temple is made of emerald, the throat chakra temple is made of the blue sky, the third eye chakra temple is made of lapis lazuli and the crown chakra temple is an amethyst lotus.

When a chakra needs to be worked on you may feel physical symptoms around that area or you may feel energy there. Whenever there is healing from spirit the energy is brought to us to take in so that it may do its work. It is the same with mediumship; messages and information come from the energy present. This energy is to be absorbed and then translated into information to give out. Sometimes during a development group the room can be filled with energies waiting to be used. This is why sometimes different people receive the same message; they have taken in the same energy. So when there is healing work to be done on the self or on the person you are working with you may feel the energy around the chakra. Take this into the temple and let it do its work.

It is very important to remember when you are transforming energies that the emotions creating the problem are fully felt to every last drop, it is not enough to heal the energy because then the underlying cause will still be present and the problems will re-occur. It is also important to fully understand that energy cannot be removed and discarded, energy cannot be destroyed it can only be transformed. If old energy is removed it is left there for someone else to collect around them. If we go back to the fact that we don’t need to protect ourselves then we must see that if you pick up someone else’s negative energy then you already had the same negativity within you or else it wouldn’t have resonated with you. It is all a matter of vibration and levels and lifting our consciousness onto a higher realm.

Let us go now on a journey to the solar plexus heavenly temple.

Place your hands one on top of the other over your solar plexus, feel the warmth radiating from your hands as you make a deep connection to your inner self and the emotions which are trapped within this centre.

Take your hands away and feel a golden crystal fire surround you, swirling and moving, covering you in its vibration. Absorb this deep inside yourself feeling the energy filling every part of you until you are radiating this light. Now see yourself standing before the most beautiful temple you have ever seen made entirely of yellow citrine. A door in the temple opens and you step inside with a feeling of tremendous anticipation for you know you are stepping into unknown and ancient ground. Once inside the temple you are amazed at the size and the light within, the temple is a vast as the sky.

You become aware of someone coming out of the light and standing before you and you look upon a being dressed in gold and filled with so much love. The being speaks and tells you she is one of the seven heavenly priestesses who guard the heavenly temples. She has come to bring you healing and transformation. As she shows you around the temple you see sights you could only dream of and methods of healing which are so profound. She takes you into the centre of the temple to an altar and she tells you that the altar is the place to alter things, the place of transformation. She asks you to deposit on this altar all the things you need to let go of and transform within your life. As you empty out the many burdens you have carried for so long you look at those things as if you were replaying an old film.

The priestess then speaks to you giving you the truth and wisdom of all you see before you. When you have absorbed her teachings she breaths over the altar and stars fall out of her mouth. The stars transform everything into a huge white pearl. She tells you that the pearl represents wisdom and that the outcome of any healing is wisdom, this is the blessing. She places the pearl into your solar plexus and as she does you can feel it melt into liquid pearl and it fills your whole being.

The priestess hugs you and as she does golden feathers emanate from her, covering you, she tells you these are her gift to you so that you remember your journey into the heavenly realms. She then escorts you to the door of the temple and you make your way back.

Whenever we let go of something, we take a further step on the ladder of ascension with the journey always one of moving beyond fear and limited thinking as we move closer to the light and the source which is our own dear self.




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