An Encounter With The Divine


Mystics and sages throughout the ages contacted the divine in everything they saw and we too can do the same for the sacred is present in the whole of existence. The heavenly realms are not “out there” they are here, now, just a breath away for there is nothing which is not divinity or god or goddess however you see it. I have recently encountered the divine in a way which will be etched on my memory forever and which was perfect in its simplicity; this encounter came through a butterfly.
Here is my story:

I bought myself a T-shirt covered in butterflies, I am sure that like me you are entranced by them for they have always been a symbol of the soul showing us that we can fly like them if we know how. Several days later when I was out walking by The River Dee with my husband Graham we came across banks and banks of nettles and they were all covered in black caterpillars, we have never seen so many in one place, each nettle housed hundreds of them. A picture was forming that the butterfly realms were making themselves known.

Following this I remarked that it would be good to do something more for the earth, particularly the butterflies and this thought stayed with me. Another day when I was walking along the river at the back of our house I stopped to admire a red admiral butterfly which is black, edged with red and white. As I walked away from it I could feel butterflies begin to emerge from me and pour out of my skin; now this might seem strange to you but I am used to working in this way for everything which exists is within us also. The herbs, flowers, birds, bees, trees and much more are within waiting to be called upon to use for healing and awakening.

You can do this too, you can manifest from within whatever you need; colours, oils, crystals, all the tools which mother nature provides for our healing. We know how to work outside of ourselves, using what the earth provides but with our rapidly evolving spirituality we have access to the inner realms where everything exists.

So the butterflies emerged from me and flew away and as I walked on I was drawn to stand in a patch of nettles and thistles; it was bliss, facing the setting sun amidst such beauty. Immediately I felt a butterfly fly past very close to my eyes, it was as though it had emerged from me like the others. It came again settling on my hand and it was a red admiral. It stayed there for a while and then it turned around and faced me, what a moment of connection; it flew away and came back touching my shoulder and then my head, returning to land near to my heart staying there for what seemed like forever. I had no idea how long we stood together but when I returned home I had been out for an hour and the gate to the river is just at the bottom of the garden so I hadn’t gone far.

As the two of us communed facing the last rays of the sun, there was no information as there often is when we connect with the natural world, there were no visions, only a oneness which was indescribable. Our time together allowed me to be part of the butterfly realm but it was more than that for I was given access to the divine and by this I mean the essence of everything, the energy and divine light which has created and runs through all universes.

Eventually the butterfly left, returning for one last fleeting moment as he touched me on the forehead.
As I walked back home and reflected upon my experience I was filled with the most quiet, sacred feeling as though I had been somewhere else filled with divine light. You know, spirituality is so simple, it isn’t complicated, it is just about being yourself and seeing god/goddess in everything and everyone, it is about reconnecting to mother earth and the stars and realising that there is consciousness in all things.
My desire to do something more to help the earth has manifested the butterfly realm’s call for help. When Graham and I were discussing what we could do to help the earth I was saying how we always send healing to the planet in whatever classes or workshops we run and in my younger days I did my share of demonstrations and saving the whales but we now need more than this. Through my encounter with the red admiral I would like to express my feelings from the butterfly realms and ask you all to do whatever you can to help them thrive. Many more of the animals and insects are going to be approaching us for help in the days to come, so take note of who appears to you in physical form or in spirit and know that they are asking for help for their species.

Open your eyes to the possibilities of our renewed connection to the earth for we can not only help the animals and plants but they can help us too for they all carry their own medicine. Remember that that medicine is also within you just like the butterflies who emerged from me. So many need healing at this time and I am sure many of you need healing as well; there are remedies for all things and they can be found within. Do you need help to sleep? Then draw up from within the depths of yourself lavender oil and let it come through your skin and relax you.

You have all the herbs within you to heal you, just feel what you need and draw it up; sage for your throat, chamomile for your stomach, rose for your grief, the list is endless. The earth is within you. Let me share my butterfly with you as he flies from my fingertips into these words and flutters around you now. These things I share with you may seem very strange but these secrets were known to the ancients as they had command of the elements and the earth and it is now time for us to awaken to the wonder of what is possible for there is healing in abundance accessible to us.

The red admiral brings us the black, red and white; black is the deep wisdom within, the red is for the heart and the white is the divine, so you are receiving these 3 colours from him now. Let him bring you his medicine for he connects to the heart, his name says it all, he is the admiral of the navy, the Starfleet Commander, Christ himself or Sananda, his cosmic name. Let him heal your heart, let it be filled with the love and the peace which passes all understanding.

The divine or the sacred is all around, you don’t have to look far, make your connection within and without and you will find all that you need to make you whole with the understanding that you are not separate from anything.




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