The Gospels Of Mary Magdalene


It might appear strange to call this article a gospel but the word gospel means good news and this is what Magdalene wishes to bring to you to help you and heal you. Her words are simple as are mine, shared with you through the magic of this blessed earth and the cosmos. Magdalene teaches me through nature as she reveals the healing power within every aspect of this place we call home. I share my personal experiences so that you too can find your healing.

Magdalene was called The Mistress Of The Waters when she lived in France for she was always associated there with water and she still brings a great connection to the water element. The letter M in both her names is a symbol for water. Recently on a visit to Wales I was urged to visit a large waterfall and Magdalene told me she would be waiting for me there. Graham, my husband and I reached this most beautiful of places and there she was as she said she would be, in a pool at the base of the waterfall.
As soon as I saw her the whole feeling around the waterfall was of Lourdes, it was incredible and I knew that this was a place of great healing. Water is healing; water is life, it is pure spirit. I will share with you what I experienced so that you too can go there in your inner journeying and meet with her to receive her healing.

She called me into the water and immersed me within it baptising me as she had baptised many in the rivers and the sea in France. You may relate baptism to church practices but baptism is a very ancient ceremony like all church based ceremonies for they have all been taken from the ancient mystical ways of time long gone. The real meaning of baptism is rebirth and in our lives we are constantly dying and being reborn and with each rebirth we come closer to our true selves, closer to the light and closer to the truth and the truth contains all things. Much has been distorted about our true spiritual identity and that of Magdalene and it is now time for the real truth to be revealed.

Following my immersion in the water she took the white foam which had accumulated at the bottom of the waterfall and wrapped it around me like a new gown and the lightness of it lifted me up in consciousness. She told me many things and if you enter this water with her you will receive her healing and her help. Here is her message to you:

“We are in a new time in our personal and planetary evolution; everything is changing and in years to come the earth as we know it will be totally transformed. We are the ones who prepare the world and its people for a time of peace and harmony and as part of this process many things need to be swept away for freedom beckons. This is freedom for the heart where hearts will be mended never to be broken again for many live at this present time with heaviness of heart.

I watch you, I see the pain within and all I want to do is to reach out to you and place my hands upon your hearts to make them whole again. I give you the holy water blessed by the elements and provided by the great mother, the earth. Come and stand in the water with me, let me baptise you into a new level of consciousness. Then take some of this water into your hands and drink deeply from it. Feel this water cleanse your heart and transform your tears into sacred crystals filled with the universal light. Place these crystals in your heart so that it becomes a chamber of light and peace banishing your sorrows and your pain.

Many hear my call at this time for it is time, you know my name, it resounds in your soul and you recognise it. You understand what I stand for and that is freedom of the heart, the freedom to be yourself, the freedom to share your spiritual yearnings. I have watched over time as the light became dim and many retired inward for fear of reprisal in the world and in their personal lives and those memories lie within all of you. I return now to give you messages of hope, encouragement and love so that you can come out of the shadows and claim your rightful place with a right to be heard.
You are given the water today as the beginning of a new chapter in your life, let it flow through you and allow this river of light to move you forward away from those things which you have outgrown. Your physical bodies have taken the burden of much of your emotional pain but your bodies can be healed by using your mind in the right way. Anything is possible; the only limits are the limits you impose upon the mind.

So take my water which is my light and let it flow through you each and every day, use my sacred symbol, the letter M and place it upon the parts of you which need healing. Connect to my constellation of Cassiopeia, which makes the letter M at certain times in the night sky and let its stars open you up to the higher realms of light.

Call on me sisters and brothers of light if you are in need and I will be by your side. We have a world to change and a future to build and we can do this together as one.”

Magdalene has much to share with you and she does this in a very ordinary way for spirituality is ordinary now and we are asked to see our great cosmic teachers as just other souls without any awe or adoration. Her light now spreads far and wide waiting to touch those who know her. The water she has brought today is very important to us all for water carries the essence of whoever brings it. She asked me a while ago to make her healing essences and so I make etheric flower essences and other essences created with purity and they are filled with her light; her light is in the contents of each bottle. Her light and her water can heal you especially in the heart for that is her domain.




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