The Language Of Light


The return of birdsong into our lives reminds us of the mystical language of light; this is the hidden language of spirit where they communicate to us in symbolism. More than any other symbols the birds are constant sources of messages from the divine to us and there is a reason they have wings.

Symbols help us to understand ourselves, our lives and others and from them we can receive all the direction we need not only from the birds but from every single thing in our lives. From the moment you awake in the morning until you enter your dreaming state at night symbolism plays a great part in your spiritual unfolding.

Symbolism has always been the means of transmitting spiritual knowledge to us. All the old texts including the bible are filled with this, your meditations are rich in hidden meanings and your lives are overflowing with communications. All you need to do to is take notice of everything in your daily life and begin to interpret what you see not in a literal sense but look for the underlying meaning in all things.

Many of you have had readings from mediums who have not understood the nature of symbolism and they have just given the message as they have seen it in pictures. As a consequence the correct interpretation has not been given. We are being asked now by spirit to look deeper in our worlds and feel and sense and see the meanings all around. Begin today; what colours have you chosen to wear, what food have you eaten, what have you taken notice of when you have been out driving and what birds have visited your garden.

Look around in your life and where you find discord in your relationships ask yourself, who does the person you have difficulty with remind you of? When you find your answer know that the person you have problems with is helping you to heal your relationship with the other person. Who have you dreamt about? Do they remind you of someone else, very often those in our dreams represent someone else. If you haven’t completed a healing in a certain relationship and that person is not in your life now then spirit will make sure that they send someone else along who has a similar personality so that you can continue your healing.

Once you have become practised in this new language you will be able to receive all your answers for yourself for they are there now and they never fail. If we go back to the birds they are the masters of symbolism; have you ever noticed a bird who couldn’t fly? He was trying to tell you that you too at that point could not fly, your wings were clipped.

The birds have always been great friends to me and I have and still do receive and learn so much from them. Some years ago I went through a time where I moved house a lot and each time the birds told me when I should go. One time a blackbird (for me it is always the blackbirds) took up residence on my back lawn for a whole morning and never moved until I received a phone call from an estate agent. My house was up for sale and the agent rang to say I had a sale. On another occasion I had been through a very bad time where I hadn’t learned to say no to people and I felt consumed by others. One morning I looked out of the window and there was a blackbird which had been consumed by another creature and only its beak and feet were left. I knew it was time to move on and I instantly rang an estate agent and just previous to me ringing he had received a new property to rent. It was an old stone cottage and perfect for me. If I hadn’t rung then it would have gone.

The birds continue to be my companions and teachers; they often bring the souls of others to me. One person reading this is a goldfinch, you know who you are and we have connected when the goldfinches come into my garden. So observe with the greatest clarity the signs and the symbolism of every detail of your day and you will find great joy in becoming your own master of the hidden language of light.

The blackbird would like to have a word with you for once again one has befriended me in my garden:

Take my black feathers and wear them like a cloak, a cloak which will cover you in the ancient hidden mysteries. Fly high and let your sight open to the worlds within worlds where the true majesty of creation lies. I give you my sight so that you too may have a bird’s eye view putting into perspective your whole life. Spread your wings now for it is time, time to expand into the light which is already within you and time to set yourself free as you fly along your chosen path. Feel the energies of the earth as I do as I travel along the ley lines. Become attuned to the natural rhythms of the day and when your day’s work is done come and join my in my evensong. Hear my call when I sing from the rooftops, come and sit with me and you will hear what I hear for I call out to others of my kind as we spread the news of the day and delight in the freedom of our song. Take my song into your throat and let it play there and help you to find your song and I ask you that when you do please sing it from the rooftops. You listen to me and wonder at the magic of such heavenly music, let me tell you that you have magic within you too and you are very special indeed.




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