Samhain Blessings


Samhain marks the end of the year in the wheel of the year for those who follow the ever changing seasons and cycles of nature. Samhain occurs on October 31st. a day which is also known as Halloween. It literally is new year’s eve and a time to look back and reflect and contact the ancestors who are always willing to help us on this journey through life.

I have recently led a workshop to celebrate the coming of this wonderful time of the year and it was a day to embrace the wisdom which we all have within us and which is expressed through the crone. The goddess is threefold; maiden, mother and crone; these three aspects are also the aspects of our own lives where like the seasons we move from one stage to another arriving at the crone, the keeper of the wisdom. It is interesting that we see crones and witches as dressed in black for black signifies deep wisdom and mystery.

We have all lived many lives as healers, priests, priestesses, witches and magicians; in fact these titles all mean the same thing which is connection to the divine and to the earth and the channelling of wisdom for healing. We are filled to the brim with the knowledge that we have accrued from all of these lifetimes but we have forgotten it. When you awaken to spirit you open the door to your past lives and you begin to remember and very often the things which you are interested in within this life are those subjects which you have practised in other lifetimes.

As we approach Samhain become aware of your ancestors but also recognise those crones in spirit who are waiting to help you and they always do it with such joy. You know when they are about because they understand freedom; they know what it is like to feel the wind in their hair and to speak their truth. They bring such vibrant energy and they share this with you bringing you a sense of liberation and the freedom to be truly yourself.

During our day we shared much love and laughter along with the teachings and as you can see we even dressed up to play the part. This is important because it brings in humour which lifts our vibrations like nothing else. The most important part of the day was when we spent time outside for our croning ceremony which is a rite of passage as we move to the wisdom stage of life. What the people in the village who passed us thought I wouldn’t like to say but I am sure they recognised the happiness in such joyful souls.

You in your life go through your own journey until you arrive at the door to your past lives and when you pass through this portal you will receive all your answers to the situations and problems of your life. It is only wisdom which can heal you for when you understand something the old blocked energy which causes problems disappears for it has no more purpose. Everything occurs only to teach us and bring us into the light.

Here is a message for you from the old crone for this special time of the year:

“Feel me as I stand beside you, feel my warmth, my energy and my vivid personality. I come to you to show you your past lives so that you can understand more and move on into new beginnings. Come under my cloak and let me take you into the mystical realms to those places where the mysteries of the universe will be unveiled to you. Feel the black of my cloak support you and hold you bringing you reassurance for your life. Go deeper into the black until all around is velvety black and you will feel yourself going deeper and deeper into yourself.

I am there with you, take my hand if you need it and watch as I part the blackness to reveal the light, the light of your past. Look through the light and another life will be revealed to you; observe it and learn from it and you will bring your gems of wisdom back with you into this life so that you better understand the reasons for certain things.

Call on me when you need a helping hand or be aware of me as I walk by your side as you explore the beauties of nature. I will teach you of the secrets of the natural world; the herbs and the flowers are waiting to share their knowledge with you. There is so much wisdom within you waiting to be discovered.”

We always associate black with the witches and crones; if you are drawn to wearing it or you feel the need to meditate within this colour then know that you are being connected to ancient knowledge. The black hat of the witch has much symbolic meaning for a black hat is a sign of the ancient wise ones. In the east there is a very old sect called The Black Hat Sect Of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism which spread from Tibet to China and Japan; they are the wisdom keepers so if ever a master teacher in spirit joins you wearing a black hat know that they are a very evolved spirit. The Point of the witch’s hat is also important because it expresses the energy which enters the crown when we work with spirit as it enters this point in a spiral from the cosmos. 

You can see that this is a very exciting time as the wheel of the year turns once more. Feel your ancestors drawing close, feel the crone bringing you wisdom, she has much to share. Walk in the woods with her and learn of the plants which have healing properties. Go and sit in her kitchen with her as she teaches you how to make healing potions. Visualise the most beautiful cottage kitchen with a fire burning in the hearth and herbs hanging from the rafters. Fresh flowers sit upon the dresser and a black cat lounges in the hearth. Take a seat by the fire and brew water in the black cauldron. Then follow your heart and throw into the cauldron herbs, flowers, planets, stars, the moon, crystals, the song of a bird, anything at all. Let the potion brew and chant into the mix; the chant will activate the contents; then drink deeply and allow this remedy to bring you healing.

With each turning of the wheel of the year and the seasons we can harness the energy for our own healing and development and Samhain is a very important time as we move into a new year. Take the opportunity to look back over the previous year and see all that you have achieved, big and small, even the achievement of saying no and standing up to someone is a great step forward.

Give yourself credit for this last year’s journey and be ready to move forward into the new with renewed hope and acceptance of yourself. The most inspiring message of the witches and crones to us is to be yourself for to be yourself is to love yourself and that self love can heal anything. Enjoy this time of endings and beginnings and resolve that this coming year will be one where you will truly follow your heart and speak your truth.



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