Spirit Of Freedom


The Summer Solstice this year was a particularly powerful time in the wake of the triple conjunction of Chiron, Jupiter and Neptune followed by the new moon in Cancer on June 22nd. The earth has truly woken up and she is calling us all to listen to her as the pace quickens in her ascension and in our own personal evolutionary path. The morning of The Solstice saw an amazing crop circle of a double yin yang symbol, the symbol of unity and completion.




The previous crop circles of this season have been truly remarkable, each one being a wake-up call and a trigger to awaken greater consciousness. The yin yang crop circle appearing when it did tells us that a completion has taken place and now we are all ready along with the earth to emerge from the cocoon state and participate in an unfolding of a higher way of living.

Despite all the talk of doom and gloom there is another side to this story because we are at a turning point in the earth’s history where many are now turning away from materialism, seeking higher truths and being innovators in a return to community spirit and the caretaking of the land.

Modern life doesn’t work; many people have a deep emptiness inside them. We have lost our way but that is a wonderful space to be in for it is from that place that real progress can begin; the progress of the self back to god in the knowledge that every living being and every part of our beautiful universe and beyond is god. This is the meaning of the Hindu greeting of namaste which is, I honour the god in you. It is interesting to see how many celebrities and people in the media now use this gesture.

The Solstice is a celebration of the most available light to us and the light is all there is for we are all light beyond the illusion of matter. As we grow in consciousness and as we honour the earth as part of us, everything increases in light until there will come a time when we will walk this earth as beings of light. At this most auspicious time the earth speaks to all who will listen asking us to return to a deeper connection to her. Many people are now growing their own food with countrywide campaigns to encourage us to grow fruit and vegetables; there are many community groups being set up to teach the old skills of gardening. The Garden Guerrillas are planting on neglected land. The work of The Findhorn Foundation has provided us with a rich legacy of knowledge of working with the devas, the nature spirits, who are ready and waiting to teach us their ways.




All plants have their own devas and by listening and communicating with them we are shown how to work the land in harmony. The earth has become out of balance just as many people have and by learning to live in harmony then balance is restored. All disease is a state of disharmony and so to restore health implies a restoration of balance within the self. Here again we return to The Solstice crop circle of the yin yang symbol. Macrobiotics, the system of living and eating in balance is based upon 3 principles: - eat locally produced food, eat according to the seasons and eat according to your personal constitution. Macrobiotics was brought to the west from Japan in the late fifties but we can see how these pioneers laid the seeds for future change as more and more shops now promote locally produced food.




The greatest balance can be found within, if we look at Macrobiotics again, there are said to be many levels of sickness and the deepest level is arrogance, where there is no consideration of the greater picture. The journey back to spirit, to wholeness is about dissolving the illusion of separateness and waking up to the fact that in reality we are all connected just as we are connected to the earth and the stars. The moment of enlightenment of the great sages and mystics has always been a moment of an experience of the unity of all things. When we wake up to the knowledge that we are all part of the whole with the understanding that every action we take affects the whole combined with the truth that we create everything in our lives we see the world with new eyes.

So the great mother calls out to us in these enlightening times to return to a sense of community and a nurturing of the land and each other. She asks us to take time to be at one with her and with each other. She calls us to gather and celebrate in joy.

On the eve of The Solstice eight of us gathered at a very special place on The Wirral for a walk, a meditation and a picnic. It was a beautiful day and we sat in a circle at Dawpool Nature Reserve at Thurstaston overlooking The River Dee and the Welsh hills. To begin with we were treated to some incredible singing from Jenny Naylor who practises The Naked Voice. This opened us all up to receive the light and to send it to the earth. We received a diamond six pointed star whose energy passed through us and into the earth. There was such a lovely sense of peace, togetherness and community and the food which was brought to share was delicious. I felt very privileged to be in the company of such beautiful souls in such a lovely setting to celebrate midsummer. Each time we gather spirit draws very close and the light opens us up even more and when we have departed that light becomes part of the land raising the vibration of the place.

In my own garden I marvel at the work of the devas who tend my vegetables and flowers bringing me the magic of growing my own food in my small plot.

When I gaze at the luminosity of the vivid colours of the flowers I am transported to another dimension. The fairy gateway at the bottom of the garden has been left wild and it calls when the door opens to their realm. I have a gate which leads to a walk along a river and when I open it at this time of the year I am overwhelmed by the beauty of the wildness of nature. The roses and clematis hang over the gate and outside the nettles and the long grasses have claimed their territory. There is nothing so liberating as walking in the wildness of an overgrown place, places which have been undisturbed by humans and which are the meeting grounds of the devas. Take time out to find such a space or let a part of your own garden grow wild. Let the bees and the butterflies and insects rejoice in their bounty.

I have recently been given a gift of a pink rose tree and its name is Spirit Of Freedom. It is an old rose but its old glorious qualities have been combined with a modern rose so that it flowers throughout the year. The message of this is let us take the essence of the old ways of living and combine them with the new technologies of sustainable living. Add the teachings of the pink rose which is pure love helping us to return to a state of caring for one another and sharing in the bounty of our beloved cosmos.




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