The Return Of The Sun King


In the midst of winter lie the stirrings of new life waiting for the return of the light. Every year as the seasons turn we welcome back the light at the Winter Solstice on the 21st. of December. This is the real meaning of Christmas because Christ is a sun god and the symbolism of his birth is in reality a symbol of the birth of the sun once again. The Christian traditions and celebrations all stem from the old ways when the honouring of the earth was part and parcel of everyday life, for the earth gave sustenance to all things and it was given the utmost respect.


Of all the celebrations of the wheel of the year the Winter Solstice carries the greatest potential for transformation and if we can harness the energies of this time we can move forward in ourselves and within our lives. The old pagan story connected to this festival is of the return of the Oak King; while the Holly King resides over the latter six months of the year the Oak King reigns from the Winter Solstice until Midsummer. The oak, a very sacred tree carries much symbolism but in essence it carries the Christ energies, the energies of the heart.


Together with our planet we are continually receiving energies to move us onwards in our healing and ascension, we are like receiving stations for the cosmos. In recent years the planet Pluto has been very apparent in drawing up from the depths those things we have all needed to face within ourselves helping us to clear away old energies and let go. The pace has now quickened and this year has seen gentler yet more powerful ascension energies. The old rules we have lived by no longer apply. The urge is to let go as quickly as possible of old emotions and reveal the total truth of who we are. There is a call from the cosmos and the higher self to own and completely embrace the truth of who you are and by doing this you can have direct access to these wonderful energies brought to us from spirit quickening your evolution. Many people are finding that their lives no longer work or they are forced by circumstances to create radical change; the move is towards opening the heart even more through acceptance of those changes and also by following the heart in its innermost desires and feelings. 


This Winter Solstice is bringing a huge leap forward in our evolution and many will feel the stellar waves of transformation in the heart connecting them back home. This new energy is from the highest sources and if you can think of an inky blue sky filled with diamond stars then this is what is being poured into your energy field expanding your awareness and helping you to remember your true roots from the stars. Take it in and feel it expand your aura and lift your consciousness.


From the 21st. of December, each day the sun will get stronger and we will take in more light but we have needed to be in the dark and like the metaphor of winter we need to go into the cave of the inner self to find the riches and jewels of wisdom. Christ is not only a sun god he is also the true symbolism of the higher self. The spiritual journey is about understanding and clearing the heart in preparation for the return of the Christ energy which is in fact your higher self, this is the sacred marriage long searched for by mystics. The Christ energies represent truth and when you merge with your higher self you can only live your life from truth for truth is all you know.


These wonderful energies we have received into our planet this year have created a turning point in our evolution in the journey towards peace, harmony and compassion. The election of Barack Obama is the beginning of that journey, one which we won’t see in our lifetime but one which is destined for the earth. These same energies are preparing us all and asking us to make the choice: do we live in truth and move fearlessly forward or do we stay with the old? The ancient spiritual ways from times long forgotten are being reawakened coming back into our consciousness for us to share with others. Spirituality is changing; ways of healing which are considered new age they are changing too as we are taught the ways of manifestation. Instead of spending years going over and over the same old emotional baggage forever recycling the old thought patterns, new ways are emerging where the consciousness is so elevated these thoughts have no hold. Hands- on-healing brings much comfort but that too will undergo changes for wisdom is the real healer and wisdom, self awareness and self responsibility raises the consciousness.


The galactic masters who more and more will now make themselves known are from the realms of light where everything is manifested from the light and it is this which we will be taught. When you leave this plane you create your own worlds from the light and it is this ability which is now being given back to us. Healing can take place in an instant when the awareness is raised.


As described by Richard Moss


in his book The Black Butterfly where he writes about a woman called Laura who was instantly healed of so many physical illnesses. This happened during a transformational moment during one of his workshops where the teachings included singing or dancing continuously. Laura sang for hours and it came to a point where she completely let go and her vibration lifted to the level where disease could not survive. It is the mind which creates disease and it is also the mind which can create health; the Buddhists talk about right thinking, you couldn’t find a more perfect description of the right way to live.


The original new age thinkers have left us such a wonderful legacy of wisdom which is even more valid today. Louise Hay got it right when she said:

“The answer is very simple, as you think so you become, what you give out comes back to you and like attracts like”.

In the process of healing and transformation clearing out of the old hurts and letting go of the pain of the wounds created so long ago and the patterns left by those wounds is essential. The key is to know when to make the decision that you can no longer live in the energy of these negative emotions and once you make that decision you change the energy within yourself instantly and you then bring in the energy of positive thought. Spirituality is not about being holier than thou, it is about owning everything you feel and accepting it all, it is about laughter and about completely honouring yourself and your own needs and living the life you choose no matter what anyone else says.


This is the return of the light, letting the light into those dark corners of yourself which like unused rooms in a house have had the doors closed. You have many rooms within yourself and to be whole they all need to be filled and used. The colour of this Solstice is gold for this is the colour of wisdom, this is a time of the great awakening when the wisdom keepers of our planet will speak out. The energy of this time is about listening and more than anything it is about the voice and you are all urged to connect to your own voice in speaking out and also to explore all the wonderful new discoveries of sacred sound. The doorways to the heavens are opening and along with the cosmic energies are gateways to our teachers with much information waiting to be conveyed. This comes on the ray of platinum, there will be many more people channelling in the days to come regarding the transformation at hand.


As you celebrate this wonderful occasion of the Winter Solstice remember that through the ages many have done as you are doing with the inner knowledge that the sun god born from the goddess is returning to your consciousness and that you are drawing in the light. On that day you will feel the surges of energy, draw them in and then translate your feelings into direction for yourself or writings to share with others. This is a time of rebirth so let yourself shine with the new light within you. Follow your dreams and open yourself to the sacred union waiting to take place within you where goddess and god unite as one. Look to the stars, draw down the starlight and stay connected to the cosmos so that the heavenly teachers can bring you and the planet their blessings.


I wish you all a very happy, peaceful and light filled solstice.




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