As a child of the sixties I feel blessed to have grown up at the time of the emergence of the New Age Movement where flower power ruled and peace and love was on everyone’s lips. We have the innovators of those times to thank for the beginning of a revolution in consciousness which will lead us to the golden times to come. It is no coincidence that the flower power movement began in San Francisco because the coastline of California once bordered the ancient continent of Lemuria and that legacy has created a vibration conducive to new ways of thinking. When you step onto the soil of California you are immediately aware of a feeling of expansion and even though it is a hedonistic, extremely materialistic part of the world this does not detract from the wonderful energies there. When you have the extreme of one energy you will always have the other side of the coin; this is the yin and the yang.


Flowers became a symbol of peace and more than any other the sunflower carried this message across the globe. Three decades later on June 1st. 1996, nuclear warheads were dismantled in the Ukraine and the president called on all nations to follow their lead. The defence ministers of Russia, The Ukraine and America planted sunflowers and scattered sunflower seeds and the U.S. Secretary Of Defence said: “Sunflowers instead of missiles in the soil would ensure peace for future generations”.


The sunflower like many flowers is a very ancient symbol; the priestesses of Mexico and South America traditionally adorned themselves with them and carried them in their hands during sacred ceremonies. The ancient world of Lemuria honoured and incorporated the healing knowledge of flowers into its culture and the sunflower had great significance carrying the vibration of the sun and the sun gods, the rainbow warriors. At this time of remembering the use of flower essences for healing and transformation we are reawakening to the blessings growing all around us on our beloved earth.


My love of the earth is in my genes brought here from many lifetimes working in close proximity to the great mother but I was also fortunate to have parents who shared and passed on this love to me. My father was from Cork in Ireland and his father had been the head gardener of a country house and who incidentally ran away with the daughter of the house which makes a nice story. So my father brought us up on tales of the little people and the healing benefits of plants; relatives would call him Doctor Quack because of his knowledge of country lore (herbal medicine was still not widely understood at that time).


We would spend our weekends driving out to the country and I never returned without a bunch of flowers in my hands. The house I grew up in is still bordered by elder trees “relocated” from the countryside; something I must point out is not the thing to do now or even allowed but those old elders became very dear to me. Now at this present time my husband and I drive around in a Beetle covered in yellow flowers, rainbow stars and a UFO number plate content in the fact that we are just a couple of old hippies embracing the philosophy we grew up with.


The old herbalists like Gerard and in more recent times Doctor Bach had a deep understanding of the resonance of the plant world. Every plant contained what was called The Doctrine Of Signatures and what this meant was that everything about the plant spoke of its uses for healing. The leaves of lungwort for example look like lungs and they have spots on them and so it was deduced that it would be good for diseases of the lungs. It was understood that every plant was ruled by the sun, the moon or the planets and so the plant in question would contain this essence which was part of the healing. Doctor Bach would feel the vibration of the flower before he even came in contact with it; he became at one with the flower and knew its healing properties.


Today many therapists are remembering from their past lives how they have worked with flowers in the temples and they are creating wonderful essences not only to heal the physical body and the emotions but also to bring about a raise in consciousness. We can make our own essences, tuning into our inner knowing but we can also make the connection to the flowers and embrace their essence directly. Once you have communicated with a flower its essence remains within you and you can call upon it whenever you wish, manifesting its grace and blessings. Shamans do this; the plant becomes their “ally”, their teacher, working with them for a certain time. I could write a volume on each plant as the information of the healing qualities is endless and the teachings from the plant world to create personal transformation are vast.


When we decide to work with a flower we connect first of all to its ray, the vibration of its colour, as each universal ray of colour has within its essence light and sound which manifests teachers from the fairy, angelic, master and extra-terrestrial kingdom. The teachers within the plant communicate the unlimited symbolism of every detail of the plant. The vibrations within have been brought across the cosmos not only from the sun, the moon and the planets but also from the constellations and that is a very enlightening thought. Our beautiful flowers have been influenced by suns at an incredible distance away just as we are affected and in communication ourselves with the far away constellations and universes.


Recently as I walked into the house I noticed that I had brought in a dandelion flower on the soul of my shoe and I knew instantly that I had brought the dandelion into my very soul and so for several days it remained with me teaching me all that I needed for my development at that time. I was connecting to the golden ray and all that the plant embodied; dandelion is also known as priest’s crown. From the plant appeared an Egyptian priest dressed in black and gold and he taught me many things about speaking the truth for the leaves of the dandelion are likened to the teeth of a lion and the lion knows how to roar. After some time a different teacher arrived, his vibration was very different to the priest, it was gentle and soft and very feminine; he brought in balance and wisdom. The dandelion opened the doorway for me into the world of nature taking me deeper into the realm of the great mother whose names are endless, Pachamama, Isis, Mary, The Goddess. I travelled the lands so familiar to me through the greenwoods and the waterways to times past for the dandelion is associated with time travel with its dandelion clock of seeds. Whenever you see a dandelion clock think about time, time for renewal or time to travel the cosmos.


If you look into the centre of many flowers particularly daisies, observe the pattern and you will see a remarkable geometric swirling design very like the flower of life, the signature of the pattern of creation. Drunvalo Melchisadek introduced The Flower Of Life:


explaining the geometries on which all life is based. This Flower Of Life symbol has been found carved into many ancient sites:


When the movements of planets are mapped they too make a flower formation. So the flowers are not just here to teach us and bring us healing they are part of the whole fabric of existence.


If we look once again at the time of flower power in our culture we can see the seeds which were planted and which are now coming to fruition as we move onwards to 2012. Our extra-terrestrial helpers have been watching and observing and preparing us for their contact in the time to come aiding us in our efforts towards unity and peace. People like Steven Spielburg helped to pave the way, for like many others he was divinely guided in his remarkable films in letting us know that we are not alone in the universe.


During recent times there has been a great movement of honouring the earth and looking to the indigenous peoples of the world and their ancient wisdom for the earth is reawakening back into light despite the fear which is fed to us. Merlin has been a great teacher helping us as light workers in repairing the light grids and renewing the energy of the sacred sites. The consciousness of Merlin which also includes, Mercury, Hermes and Thoth is very apparent at this time and the television series of Merlin acts as a reminder of the energies around us.


The year turns once again into the autumn showing us that in death there is also life for we are part of an ever moving cycle of renewal. My garden now fills up daily with the fallen leaves of the tall poplar trees from the house next door. These wonderful trees which have housed many birds and given me shade have been a blessing. I have spent many days listening to the song of the trees as the wind moved through their leaves. I honour the trees and take their teachings at this time and like the fallen leaves I too need to shed a skin and move into newness to be in harmony with the seasons.


The next time a flower calls your name softly in the breeze answer it back and let it be your teacher to the worlds within; as you hold it in your hands remember that you also hold the colour rays and the sounds and geometry of creation along with the sun, the moon and the stars.




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