Journeys Of Awakening


 Many of you reading this will have spent most of your lives looking up at the stars and feeling more connected to the universe than to the earth. Our divine heritage is indeed from the cosmos and those highly evolved beings from other realms who are our teachers. Our ancestors understood this and saw beyond the physical world, they felt the energies and power points of the planet and they used these as places of awakening, remembering and communication. On the spiritual path there comes a time when the distant memories of the wisdom stored within us becomes reawakened and there is a pull to visit the sacred sites. How wonderful to visit in person and begin the remembering and these precious times stay in our consciousness always but there is another way, a far more potent and powerful way to become a traveller in time. That is through learning to take these journeys in spirit through the cosmos and to the ancient places of the earth.

All the sacred sites are vortices and receivers of energy which is then circulated throughout the energy grids of the earth and at this time in our evolution the vibrations are becoming more and more powerful with the incoming rays of ascension designed to lift our consciousness away from the material world and into the world of spirit. As each one of us raises our vibrations leaving behind the pull of the emotional body we begin the ascent into the light body. As we become light then the earth too will ascend to the fifth dimension.

To learn to travel through time and space and revisit the sacred sites in the soul state is a very transforming experience as we connect to the energies, ancient ceremonies and the teachers all waiting to transmit their wisdom to be brought back and shared with those around us. To meet Merlin at Avebury and the Lemurians and Arcturians at Mount Shasta, Quetzalcoatl at Machu Picchu and ancient priestesses at the underwater temple in Yonaguni in Japan is a truly enlightening experience. To gather flowers from Hawaii and herbs from Mexico and shapeshift into power animals in Sedona. To communicate with the red sandstone in the Utah desert or to receive an initiation from Babaji on Mount Kailash, all these things connect us to the universal wisdom inherent in all things.

We don’t need a Tardis, all we need is the knowledge that we are divine beings at one with and connected to the whole of existence throughout time and space.




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