Learning To Fly


A Message From The Crow


From the tallest treetops I view the world scanning the horizon looking far into the future and back into the past. Many moons I have watched and waited for the earth to come back into her former glory where the wisdom of the natural world once again comes to the fore. Take my energy in, take my essence on the black ray deep into your being connecting me once again to you so that you may awaken and remember those days when you roamed freely upon this planet and many other realms communicating with all things.

Feel my cloak of feathers surrounding you and the element of air lifting you up on the wind higher and higher bringing unlimited freedom. My gift to you is one of inner sight and a steady unfolding of your vision for your life and your purpose. Take my voice and feel the vibration of my call within your throat chakra and let it resonate through you opening your power of speech allowing you to speak your truth as the words of spirit move through you. Use the power of my voice to call others to god and to their personal path of ascension becoming self responsible and masters of the lower self.

In your meditations fly freely and learn what it is like to leave the physical body behind and become me, travel from tree to tree becoming acquainted with the energy of each one. Perch high in the branches and see all that is to be revealed to you about your life and find direction and answers to your many questions. I come to aid you in finding your voice and to help you see through wisdom not from the mind but from the heart.

My companion whose essence is the same as mine is the old crone, appearing like me on the black ray of deepest inner knowing. She comes to teach you freedom and to help you walk your path as your own true self. Feel her staff as she gives it to you pledging her support on your journey; she is the earth, she contains all the elements within her and she has the power of manifestation and transformation. Let her give you her teachings of the elements, earth, air, fire and water; go out into nature and be at one with the elements and when you have mastered them call upon them in your daily life.

Work with the earth element when you feel vulnerable and need some sweetness in your life, become the wind, the air element when you wish to lift up in consciousness, bring in the fire when your thoughts need to be transformed into positivity and become the water element when you are stuck and need to move forward.   

I am the air element I carry the energy of the spring and new beginnings and like the spring winds I clear away the old in preparation for newness. Breathe deeply of my essence and fly high, free of restrictive thoughts, free your voice and speak of those things so dear to your heart so that others will recognise my calling too.

My vibration is also contained within a most beautiful plant, Raven’s Wing Cow Parsley, a relative of the magnificent white flowered cow parsley which adorns country lanes and river banks. Feel its leaves shaped as wings and feel your wings returned to you lifting you higher than you have ever been in your quest for ascension. Connect to the ash tree who also carries my ray; see the black buds burst open into new life as you feel a rebirth within yourself. The ash tree is governed by the water element and brings you out of the delivery room to be birthed into a higher state of being.

Go out into the fields and lanes, parks and open spaces and become at one with me for the great mother speaks through me helping you to awaken to your ancient memories of times when you have worked in close contact with the earth and in the temples. Let the earth now become your temple, once again recognised as sacred and part of you so as you ascend she ascends with you.




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