The Golden Flower Of Ascension


I have recently had the good fortune to stand within the first crop circle of the year at Waden Hill, Avebury and the experience was beyond my expectation. As I stood inside the circle in a field of golden rapeseed flowers I was surrounded by what I can only describe as an army of golden light beings waiting to serve us all at this time of great awakening. I was astounded by the number of these beings of light serving us in love, peace and hope.

I used a pendulum in the very centre of the circle and something happened which I have never experienced before, the pendulum after first spinning came to a standstill. This energy cannot be measured as it is pure light and is only to be experienced in the heart.

I was shown how the transmissions from cosmic beings were communicated to the earth as the earth herself created a symbol of awakening through the plant realms. The symbols of the crop circles are part of what is known as The Language Of Light, a language of communication from spirit through the earth to us. At this time there are those who are compiling and documenting these symbols to create a reference for us all to learn from.

This particular symbol was reported during April and the symbol itself is of a central circle with six spiralling arms all connected. On the main crop circle website:       

the symbol is described as a torus. This ancient symbol is at the foundation of the sacred geometry of creation and its presence enables vortices of energies to be formed.

As we entered the circle my husband noticed a peacock butterfly among the flowers and it allowed us to touch it very gently and it never moved as we did so. This butterfly was the gatekeeper of the circle and it stood in majesty in its array of purple and red colours allowing us to pass onto sacred ground.

As I stood in the circle I saw a golden dome similar to a saucer overhead and from it emerged six beings of golden light. Each being stood on one of the arms of the circle and as they did each one took on the faintest shade of one of the colour rays so that they remained golden but now had a hue of one of the rays. Each colour ray brought its own particular energy and wisdom. The purple ray combined with gold was in the central circle, these two rays are very important at this time bringing us the energy of  transformation through wisdom. I then became aware that I was covered in golden pollen from the flowers I had walked through up the hill. The greatest respect was shown to the crops as we walked through the field and we were very aware of being privileged to be there. A code of conduct to be observed while visiting a crop circle will be found on the crop circle website above.

The light beings in the circle pointed to the pollen covering me and communicated that we came as the pollen to fertilise the sacred symbol. I then became a flower filled with golden pollen and nectar and they showed me that we are all flowers filled with the gold. The gold is the wisdom and the soul energy within us with the memories of ancient times when we have lived as light beings upon the earth and throughout unlimited universes. We drink from the nectar deep within ourselves and we allow others who are thirsty to drink from our well of gold so that they may come out of their shadows and into the light.

These beings of light, masters of the cosmos, have brought us the first of the crop circles for this year and they are so happy to teach us through this wonderful language of light and sound, for everything has a vibration of sound accompanying the light. They wish us to bring this symbol made of golden light deep into our being and let it resonate there and let the sound which you will receive within the light move through you like a swarm of bees. As you continue to tune into the light and sound of the symbol it will do its work of awakening and you will begin to remember your heritage as a being of light. These symbols are keys, golden keys which open the door to paradise, the paradise within, the golden flower of your own soul so that you can access true vision and unlimited knowledge.

Sound is very important to the planet at this time, The Hathors, inter-dimensional beings, are urging us to listen to them as they are masters of sound and they are waiting to channel their knowledge to us. The more we chant and vocalise sound the faster the vibration of the earth becomes, listen to the earth and you will hear her sound too. Chant in your own circles of light, chant into the sea and the waterways, chant into the ley lines and the sacred sites. Listen for your own inner sound and release it into the heavens.

As the year progresses each newly discovered symbol will bring more light into the earth and into ourselves, allowing us to remember and also connecting us to the vast army of cosmic light beings waiting to serve us.     

Previous to visiting the crop circle at Avebury we made the journey from Glastonbury to Stonehenge and then upon leaving Avebury we travelled back to Glastonbury creating a pyramid of energy. The goddess and Christ energy was taken from Glastonbury to the centre of the Stonehenge circle where male and female energies were transformed into unity. The stones became golden and a Flower Of Life symbol in diamond was created within the circle. As this was accomplished the essence was sent out to every sacred stone structure around the earth touching all the stone circles and pyramids until the whole planet became connected in light. Then when we entered the crop circle at Avebury with the help of the gatekeeper we received the gift of pollination of the light creating unity from duality to help others to blossom and flower in peace and love.

A golden Buddha appears to me now wishing to help you all in your sacred journey of ascension. His message is very clear and very simple, free your mind, speak your truth and learn of non attachment. It is through becoming entangled in the emotions that we become prisoners of the mind. Give others the freedom to tread their own path and to become self sufficient in dealing with their personal lessons. Stand back with an open heart and remember The Buddha’s words as he looked upon the suffering and said that it was all karma unfolding and everything was perfect and as it was meant to be.

Combining the symbol of the first crop circle of the year and its sound, the purple and red butterfly, and the golden wisdom of the Buddha the energy created will bring us all a step nearer to ascension not only of ourselves but also of the ascension of our beautiful planet into light.




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