Flowers Of Ascension


Do you ever stop and think when you buy a bunch of flowers that you are divinely guided in your choice? This wonderful planet of ours is filled with flowers of every description, hue and perfume, from every location and every climate and every flower contains within its essence healing and awakening properties. Flower essences have now become widely used to help deal with stress as well as physical and emotional problems but we can go a step closer to the plant and connect to it directly to receive its gifts. We can grow or buy flowers but because everything in existence also has an invisible energy field we can just think of the flower and immediately we are connected to its vibration and open to receive from it.


You immediately feel better when you bring flowers into your home and we all take flowers as gifts when we visit others little knowing the healing we are bringing. As we choose the flowers the flowers choose us and we receive the colour, perfume and even the geometry of the flower to fit our needs at the time. Flowers have traditionally been part of religious ceremonies for millions of years; priests and priestesses being intimately acquainted with the properties and sacredness of them all. The rose, the queen of flowers has been venerated by many religions, this ancient flower being the queen of the healing of the heart. It opens the heart and allows a clearing of old energies.


The sunflower was used by priests and priestesses in ancient temples being worn and used in ritual. Watch the head of the sunflower as it follows the sun. Communicate with each flower and it will tell you of its mysteries; as you listen closely you will hear the magic. When life becomes hard and you feel in the dark visualise a sunflower and embrace its essence and your head (mind) will turn too towards the sun (the light).


The lotus and water lily are very ancient flowers and they were the flowers of ancient cultures millions of years ago for we are not the first inhabitants of this planet. There have been many before us who have left their knowledge within the earth and at the sacred sites. The lotus has its roots in the mud and its flower facing the sun is forever a symbol of hope and rebirth. When you feel stuck in the mud and you can’t see your way forward then call upon the lotus and see yourself lift out of the waters of the emotions and rise up into the sunlight. Recently a water lily was used during a workshop I was holding and as soon as one of the people present took herself into the centre of the water lily her eyes started streaming. She was releasing held in emotions and a wonderful healing took place.


The nasturtium, a simple little orange flower which grows rampant anywhere has such a powerful vibration; its orange colour and other fiery shades will awaken your inner energies and bring you inspiration and newness. The earth and many in it are going through a period of rapid growth at this time; the ascension process is well and truly in full flow. Many of you will find that your life is not working and you need to move on, this is because the energies are moving you forward at a very quick rate. The humble nasturtium makes a wonderful companion for those times when you need inspiration; its colour re-ignites the fire within you allowing the kundalini energies to rise so that you begin to remember who you truly are as you awaken your own ancient knowledge.


The marigold, Mary’s Gold, is such a sacred flower bringing you the gold of wisdom, in India and Mexico it has always been held in the highest regard. It adorns the temples and its light brings light into the soul. See it within you and you will see your own inner light manifest and radiate with such beauty. The light is the light of wisdom for the gold always brings wisdom and in truth wisdom is the only healer there is for it is only by understanding ourselves and others and taking total responsibility for our own lives that we can truly heal.


Very often without realising and often without any spiritual understanding or training we are tuned into our inner knowing and our guides who support and help us. Intuitively we choose colours to surround ourselves with which will feed and heal us at any given time. We often work our way around the rainbow moving from one colour to another as the healing progresses. Once the colour has done its job and we have absorbed its vibration and teachings we move onto the next. It is the same with flowers. In the ancient world in the temples flowers were used as an initiation to take you from one level of awareness to another. As you worked with the consciousness of a flower you went through a process of self development and spiritual ascension. When that process was complete you moved to the next flower to receive the teachings directly from the flower itself. Everything in existence, including flowers, has consciousness and as such by tuning in we can receive teachings from whatever we are drawn to.


The next time you are browsing through the flower stand at the supermarket stop and take a moment to listen and let the flowers choose you. When you take them home take in their essence which is more powerful than any bottled flower essence and see the healing begin. Sit in meditation and observe which flower is brought to you, take it in and sit within the unlimited peace and love of its vibration and feel yourself renewed. Become familiar with each flower until the next time a flower calls your name you will know exactly what it means.




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