Food For The Soul


How often when you prepare your meals do you consciously connect to the energy of the ingredients you are using? The devas of nature are calling out to us at this time to remind us of our connection to mother earth, encouraging us to reconnect to her every time we cook.


Our minds make our reality and our thoughts create balance or imbalance within the body but at this time when we are all involved in the ascension process of bringing heaven to earth our physical form needs to be looked after as much as the earth. What is within is also without; there is no separation and if we take care of ourselves we are taking care of the outer world too.


Food is vibration, sound and colour and it is these which bring health and vitality to us for we are ingesting living light and sound. In traditional cultures around the world food has been used as a tool on vision quests with grain always being the central ingredient to cleanse and heighten the vibrations of the physical body. Grain is the most spiritual of all foods, it was grain which created community living when we ceased being hunter gatherers and began to live together to cultivate the grasses. The process of grinding grains with the teeth created an expansion of the brain and the thinking process.


There is no right and wrong way to choosing your food only an inner knowing of what is correct for you and an ability to connect to the spirit of the food. The author Reshad Feild who wrote amazing books on his journey into Sufism was once being interviewed in his home while he cooked a meal. The journalist was confused as to why a very spiritual person should be cooking meat. Reshad’s reply was that he honoured everything he cooked and everything was god.


As a vegetarian I would prefer the whole world to abstain from meat; apart from the main issue of eliminating the cruel treatment of animals this would free up food to feed the world’s starving as well as reducing 50% of global warming gases. Having said that, none of us has the right to judge another and whether it is meat consumption or even smoking or drinking it is always an individual’s choice depending on where they are at in their healing and personal evolution. Spirituality can become very elitist but we must remember our humanity and honour one another’s choices. Just as Buddha looked out at the suffering of the world and he said it was all perfect, all karma unfolding, we too can look at the bigger picture.


If we can understand that food is energy we can see the wisdom in consuming locally produced seasonal food. By doing this we are connecting to the energies of our environment and this creates perfect balance. Tropical foods are designed for tropical countries to assist those who live there to cope with their environment. We live in a cold damp climate in the UK and we need warm sustaining food especially in the winter.


We change from day to day especially with the changing spiritual energies we are all open to and so we need to listen to our higher wisdom in our choice of food. Place your hands over fruits and vegetables and feel the colour and feel the sound. Sense the different vibrations between fresh locally produced vegetables and imported foods.


There will come a time in the far future when we will be able to live without food as we will be living purely on light. I personally met a spiritual teacher many years ago called Anne Hughes who lived only on honey and water and occasionally clear soup. In Yogananda’s book, Autobiography Of A Yogi, he writes about Therese Neumann who never ate. There are countless stories of such people who lived on light.


As we proceed in the ascension process we are literally becoming lighter, this is what it is all about. I am sure that many of you have days when you feel heavy due to unresolved emotions or there will be times when you have collected heavy grey energy around yourself created by your thoughts. On those days bring in the light spiritually and also physically through your food. See everything you take in as colour and let the colour do its work. Red peppers, carrots and beetroot contain such wonderful colours to heal the soul. Experiment with these and many more and learn of their magic to transform you.


Close your eyes and listen to the sound emanating from your food, feel the harmony on your plate. Let the devas communicate with you as they very clearly want to have your attention at this time. Several days ago a fairy ring of toadstools appeared in my garden and I was honoured to stand within it. Since then a fairy dressed in lilac has followed me around wishing to spread her message of healing and ascension by encouraging us to connect in a deeper way to the fruits of the earth.


The wonderful community of Findhorn in Scotland was founded in this way through a profound connection to the nature spirits. Huge vegetables were grown on sandy soil and the spirit of the land created a world famous community based on spiritual evolution.


All life emerged from light and sound and from the geometry of creation. If you look at many fruits and flowers you will see the sacred five pointed star and six pointed star in abundance. The rose carries the five pointed star and the lily the six, the rose is connected to fruits and the lily to the grains. Our heavenly roots are there in the mark of these two stars. The rose is the blood of Christ and the lily is the body of Christ, the rose is the wine and the lily is the bread. The two together form the communion which is symbolic of our sacred quest for the holy grail, the marriage of our lower self with our higher self, true ascension and enlightenment.


There is no greater pleasure in life than sitting down with friends and family to a meal together sharing food which has often been lovingly prepared. The love which you put into your cooking is part of the meal and it is taken in by each person present renewing and healing them on all levels. So the next time you prepare a special meal know that you are bringing colour to the table inspired by the devas.




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