Weekly classes provide a continuous stream of energy helping you to work on your transformation and enabling a direct connection to spirit so that you may access your own inner wisdom.

Each class opens with the traditional greeting of namaste, the placing of the hands together, this is an acknowledgement of the god within all of us. Time is provided to share thoughts, experiences and inspirations and as the weeks go by the energy opens and clears the chakras and activates the light body with the wisdom from the teachers in spirit healing deep wounds. This universal energy is extremely powerful as it strips away old thoughts and lifts the consciousness of the individual. In time as the stages of healing and development are worked through the soul emerges from the chrysalis state with new wings ready to fly.


Meditation is an integral part of the classes so that you may work directly with the light and lift your vibration. These teachings enable you to access higher planes and heavenly temples so that you may receive and channel universal wisdom. Many realms of energy, colour and thought are reached and many teachers are brought into the classes, The Green Man, The Goddess, Christ, Buddha, Quan Yin, Mary, Lady Nada, Saint Germaine, Merlin, Saint Francis, Mary Magdalene, Yogananda, Archangel Michael, Quetzalcoatl, Lao Tzu, Serapis Bey, Krishna, The Arcturians, Pleiadians, Lemurians, the angelic, plant, animal and mineral kingdoms as well as the elements. This is the way of the universal shaman seeing the self in and transforming the self into any aspect of creation.


Travelling the cosmos to explore other dimensions and planets and working within the ancient stone circles and sacred places of the earth brings great illumination for healing and helping others as well as in the distribution of the light back into the energy grids. The earth itself contains the ley lines but there are energy grids around the earth too and as light workers the light needs to be renewed along these sacred pathways. The more light we absorb from spirit the more our light is absorbed into the earth helping in the ascension of the planet.


Each class provides the guidance and the light you need at whatever stage you are at and the light fills you to enable you to live your life at a higher frequency of consciousness.

Accessing the fear and transforming the heart energies into self love, self acceptance and self responsibility makes room for the positive life force to manifest endless possibilities for healing, self renewal and the creation of a joyful uplifting life.

These classes are very warm, friendly and supportive and you know you will be in the company of other sensitive souls.

Classes take place weekly on Monday and Thursday evenings at 7.30p.m. They are held in Moreton and Hoylake, Wirral.




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