In The Footsteps Of Mary Magdalene

My Own Personal Pilgrimage

Dans le sud de la France


Mary Magdalene works through me bringing the ancient teachings of the earth and the cosmos, her time has come and many have waited for this new age where the divine feminine is once again restored. She was married to Christ and they had 3 children together; he didn’t die on the cross, he continued his teachings and was last heard of in Malta when he was aged about 72. However Mary Magdalene along with some of his other followers were persecuted and forced to leave the Land Of Israel; they sailed across The Mediterranean and arrived in The South Of France where she spent the remainder of her life. She asked me to visit the place which she had made her home and in July of 2013 Graham, my husband and I set out to follow in her footsteps.

We began by flying to Nice in the south of France. As we crossed The Channel and the coastline of northern France came into view I looked down and saw that the coastline was actually in the shape of a female face, a wonderful welcome from Magdalene to her adopted land. We stayed the whole time in a wonderful place just outside St. Maximin la Sainte Baume, the town where her skull resides in The Basilica, a most imposing building which can be seen from far away. Always there in the background is the Sainte Baume Mountain upon which the cave where she lived is perched high up on the mountainside.

The following day we drove to Saintes Maries de la Mer in The Camargue; this was where she first arrived in France. The Camargue is a beautiful place with horses everywhere and the town itself feels totally Spanish. We made straight for the sea, I couldn't wait to stand upon that beach and begin our journey as she had. When I was first told that I was to take the teachings of Mary Magdalene out to the world I had 2 visions, the first was of standing at the edge of The Mediterranean Sea looking across to The Land Of Israel with a tremendous sense of loss, in the second all I could see were my feet climbing steps up a mountain. So I stood looking out to sea in the direction of The Holy Land on that first day and physical pain filled my heart. I felt her pain as she looked back to where she had come from and she was overcome with her grief for the love she had left behind. The more I work with her the more ordinary she becomes to me, ordinary in the sense that she experienced the full range of human emotions as we do. Although she was a very powerful woman she went through the same things as we do and this enables her to fully understand our struggles. At this very moment as I write this a huge surge of energy fills me, this is when she steps in and she has something to say.

"I know your pain, I see how you struggle; there is not one human emotion which I haven't felt. The loss of my beloved nearly broke my heart and yet I knew everything was as it was meant to be. I looked across the sea back to my homeland and I felt as though I had left my heart behind and yet when I surveyed this beautiful country which I was to call home I said to myself, this is a good place to be. I saw my future, I knew my calling and it was upon this soil that I would spend the remainder of my life."


The church of the 3 Mary's in Saintes Maries de la Mer contains many paintings of the arrival of The Marys in France and yet I didn't experience a lot in here. It was the sea which drew me and as I stood in it l was led to sprinkle the water around me as a baptism; as with all inner or outer spiritual journeys there is always a need for purification before we begin, ceremony is very important as it connects us to the divine. It is St. Sarah, said to have been a servant, who is revered in St. Maries and every year in May the gypsies fill the town as her relics are paraded and taken to the sea.

We left St. Maries glad to be away from the crowds which filled it and enjoyed our returning journey through the Camargue stopping at a roadside stall to buy the most delicious fruit. It really is a place of great beauty. We stopped off at Aix en Provence, the place where Mary Magdalene died and a place I had always wanted to see since having a passion for Van Gogh in my younger days. We found it disappointing, again it was a very busy place, feeling more like a large city than the place of my imaginings. It was important to be there though at the place where she left this earthly life. Graham commented that it was worth going for the best ever fruit and vegetable shop we had ever been in, the range and abundance of produce was incredible.

Tired after a long day we were glad to get back to the peace and quiet of our little haven, the swimming pool surrounded by bee filled lavender and the vastness of the Provencal starry sky, Van Gogh certainly got it right. We were ready for our next step the following day to meet the skull of Magdalene at The Basilica of Mary Magdalene in St. Maximin and what a wonderful day it was, beyond all my expectations.

Our travels were a wonderful combination of a holiday and a pilgrimage even though the sole purpose of our journeying was to experience the places where Mary Magdalene once lived. We spent our days in search of our connections to her and our nights happy in our peaceful b&b with dinner either on our little terrace or in St. Maximin. The next day we were to go to the town of St. Maximin itself. It was only a 10 minute drive away and when we got there we first explored the convent next to the church which is now a hotel, it was very beautiful with wonderful cloisters. Then at last we entered The Basilica Of Mary Magdalene, I couldn’t wait, all I was interested in was to see her skull and so I made straight for the crypt where I knew it was kept. It is in a glass case and it is very strange because long golden hair has been sculpted around it and it is black; this is apparently because the flesh had adhered to it. The case is kept behind a screen which is taken out and paraded around the town on July 22nd. Magdalene’s feast day. The lady who ran our b&b said that the celebrations actually lasted a week.

I entered the crypt but it was full of people so I sat on the steps at the back and waited until it quietened down and then she told me to go and look at the skull. As I looked upon it I didn’t see bones I actually saw her face and I was overwhelmed, she had arched eyebrows, downcast eyes, a longish nose and a small mouth and she looked more like the usual depictions of Mary The Mother. The serenity flowing from her entranced me and I couldn’t tear myself away, I just stood gazing at her for a very long time. Although the skull is only matter, I knew without a doubt that she wanted me to see it so that she could show herself in detail through it.

It was time to leave the church and so we had lunch and enjoyed the old part of St. Maximin, it is really a lovely town but I had to see Magdalene again and so on the way back to the car park I returned to the crypt and this time I was alone. The reason for this was that a wedding was about to begin and as I walked into the church the organist was practising the first bars of the wedding march. I spent precious time once more gazing at the face of Magdalene. As I left the church the groom was coming in dressed in a lilac satin suit, very apt I thought as this is the colour of The Magdalene Flame. Our happy day did not end there for there was another surprise for us that evening.

When we returned to St. Maximin that night after having spent time in the basilica during the day we were surprised to find that there was a festival planned and crowds of people had gathered in the town square. The band paraded around the town followed by families all carrying lighted lanterns; the culmination of this was the burning of a large pine tree and what a sight this was, it felt very pagan. The evening was completed with singing and dancing in the square and a wonderful happy atmosphere, it was as though the light of Magdalene filled this lovely town. That evening back at the guest house as I meditated a huge queen bee came to me and asked me to fly upon its back. It took me to the lavender fields which we were going to visit the following day and introduced me to the bees who worked here, they were the lavender bees and they welcomed me into their territory.

The following day we set off and what an amazing sight to behold with lavender stretching as far as the eye could see, field after field came into view as we drove along. It was important for me to go there as I have a very deep connection to lavender and also it is associated with Mary Magdalene. I sat amongst the lavender surrounded by the most wonderful perfume and the hum of countless bees and I was in paradise. As I contemplated suddenly the sky filled with an enormous lavender coloured mist and I knew immediately that this was the spirit of the lavender. All plants have a spirit and often they come to us in form but this was just the pure spirit and I have never seen anything like it before. There was no communication only a welcoming and a desire to reveal itself; I have never before felt so connected to a plant.

I picked a 3 sprigged piece of lavender to take to Mary Magdalene’s cave as an offering for the following day and I left her light there as a thank you. We then bought lavender oil from the most beautiful little shop next to the lavender fields; this was to be Magdalene’s anointing oil which would be created and blessed within the cave. We completed our travels having a drink at a roadside café and there I found a lovely book naming the herbs and wild flowers of Provence. It was a good and fulfilling day spent close to the earth and the spirits of nature.

As our pilgrimage was coming to a close the most important part was yet to be experienced, the whole purpose of our journey. This was the visit to the cave where Mary Magdalene lived on the mountain at St. Baume. When she first arrived in France she preached near Marseilles and then  travelled in Languedoc but it was Provence which had always drawn me and it was here where she spent the most time. She taught the ancient mysteries for she was a priestess; she healed, baptised and assisted in childbirth. She had great knowledge of the earth and the cosmos, she was a visionary and received great wisdom through her inner connection to spirit. It is these things which she reveals to us once again in our modern age.

I wished to visit the cave and the land she had trodden. We drove up a very steep mountain road which took us to St. Baume where there is a hostellery run by Benedictine nuns. We followed the trail up the mountain through the ancient woodland of the forest; kings and popes had walked this path before us; it was very arduous and we certainly felt like pilgrims that day. Near the cave are several flights of steps, maybe these were the ones I had seen in my vision all that time ago.

We arrived at the top onto a little terrace where the cave has been covered up at the front and wooden doors lead inside. I couldn’t go in the cave immediately I had to stop and prepare myself and I bent down to smell one of the roses which grow outside and Mary Magdalene appeared before me offering me communion in the form of a rose petal and a chalice filled with rose nectar, this was my union with her. I entered the cave and the floor has been raised to create a little church and there are shrines dotted around the walls but I knew instinctively where I needed to be and it was down a flight of steps which were to the side. These led me to the actual floor of the cave and it was wet and damp but the feeling there overwhelmed me, I was totally overcome with her presence and a huge wave of emotion and tears flowed.

I sat on a little bench at the very back and she communicated many things to me; she gave me a huge white pearl which was placed around me, this was her wisdom and a drop of her pearl was to be given to all who came to hear her teachings. She took me deep into the mountain where I was given her scrolls, these are her gospels which she wants to be shared. I offered the lavender to her in a little pool of water within the rocks and I could have sat there forever. The rocks themselves are alive and they too communed from this holy mountain. This was an experience which will be etched upon my memory forever.

The Dominican monks who live next to the cave and are guardians of it chant there, we were fortunate to be present when they had their daily service, their voices were incredible. So our journey came to completion in this very special place where I was moved to my core and touched by Mary Magdalene’s light as I sat with her. We returned to England with a greater conviction of our mission to be part of the ascension of the earth. We have waited for Magdalene’s return and now she is here and many have heard her call. We are reunited within her light and are part of a great global awakening. We are all connected in that light as one, we know one another and we have been together before. No matter where you live remember that we are now as one.

We are part of this new beginning where there will be a return of the honouring of the earth and the acceptance that we are not alone in the universe. To all my soul sisters and soul brothers I send you love from the bottom of my heart, thank you for finding me and one another, may our unified light change this world forever.



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