Goddess Training


A Year Long Mentorship Programme Carried Out By Telephone Or Zoom (Audio)

Working With 9 Goddess Archetypes


This year long training to bring you fully into your goddess self comprises of 9 telephone mentoring sessions held according to the 8 sabbats of the year.

There are no lessons or workshops to follow and there is no homework to provide for this training, this is purely one to one mentoring through the telephone sessions.

You will work with a different goddess with each session and you will continue to train with that archetype until the next session. You will bring the essence of the goddess for that time into your life and into your work so that you are able to awaken a deeper part of yourself.

During each personal mentoring session you will be connected to the appropriate goddess and taught how to work with her as well as embracing the teachings which are provided and we will work together to improve every aspect of your life.

There will be healing for any emotional situations which you are currently experiencing and there will be guidance for your life and your spiritual work. You will be able to ask questions and discuss anything which is bothering you or anything for which you need some direction.

Each session is carried out in a deep and meaningful way where you are able to share your deepest problems or concerns. You will be given direction for your spiritual path so that you are in tune with the stage you are at.

We will come together in love and wisdom as you receive the teachings and guidance from my own soul and from those teachers in spirit who will be present as well as the goddess whom you will be attuned to.

You will be required to continue working on your own with the energies which are provided for you in each session to enhance your life and your spiritual development.

This is a very special year long connection where you will have my guidance and support during the telephone sessions to transform your life.

These sessions are carried out in love and in the light of the goddess so that you enter sacred space each time we come together, soul to soul.

There will be 9 sessions by telephone. We will connect together every six or seven weeks throughout the year. The last mentoring appointment will bring everything together for you and you will experience yourself as the risen goddess complete in your own wisdom and connected in unity to all things.

During the course of our time spent together you will be connected to all the hidden aspects of yourself so that at the end of the year you will emerge confident with very strong self-esteem and the teachings you will have received will enable you to deal with life’s challenges in the best possible way.

The love we will share between us and the love channeled to you from spirit will establish you firmly in your own light with a very strong sense of your own identity for you will have given birth to your goddess self.

You can begin this programme at any time during the year.

You will be awarded a certificate upon completion of the 9 sessions.

The cost for 9 sessions is 400 and this is payable as eight payments of 50 prior to each appointment except the last one. You will be sent a PayPal invoice just before your appointment.

Each appointment lasts for one hour and each time you will ring me at a time and date which we will agree upon beforehand.

If you are interested and you would like to participate in this Goddess training or if you have any questions then please get in touch and I will be happy to answer you.


Here are the 9 goddesses you will work with:


Ostara: Rhiannon

Beltane: Pele

Litha: Amaterasu

Lughnasadh: Sarasvati

Mabon: Artemis

Samhain: Isis

Yule:  Aphrodite 

Imbolc: Brigid 

Final Session: Gaia


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