Earth Temple


A Guided Meditation


Earth Temple is a guided meditation channelled from her cosmic teachers by Margaret Hunt. The music is provided by ambient and new age music artist Paul Landry.


Margaret's spiritual teachers are unlimited as they range from the cosmic masters and angels to the spirit in every aspect of nature. Her greatest connection is within to her higher self where all the teachers reside. The mission of these teachers is to provide awareness that the material life is not the true reality. They bring knowledge of these changing times where we are at the threshold of a new age.


Both creators of this album have a love for nature and this provides the setting for the meditations as you are taken on a cosmic journey by Margaret assisted by the atmospheric soundscapes performed by Paul. The meditation is in 2 parts.



    Part 1: The Energy of Flowers

    A journey into the heart of nature to connect to the devas of flowers.


    Part 2: The Sacred Grove

    Communing with the green man and the spirit of trees in an ancient sacred grove.


    Recorded and mixed in July 2011 by Paul Landry

    Music composed produced and performed by Paul Landry

    Meditations recorded initially by Margaret Hunt


    Margaret Hunt

    Services include weekly spiritual development classes, workshops on spiritual ascension

    and the new earth energies also personal consultations.



    Paul Landry

    Ambient and new age music artist. Please visit website for further details





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