The Masters Of Glastonbury


A Guided Meditation


The Masters Of Glastonbury is a guided meditation channelled from her cosmic teachers by Margaret Hunt.


Margaret's spiritual teachers are unlimited as they range from the cosmic masters and angels to the spirit in every aspect of nature. Her greatest connection is within to her higher self where all the teachers reside. The mission of these teachers is to provide awareness that the material life is not the true reality. They bring knowledge of these changing times where we are at the threshold of a new age.


The creator of this album has a love of Glastonbury and this provides the setting for the meditations as you are taken on a cosmic journey by Margaret. The meditation is in 2 parts.




  • Part 1 : The Chalice Well and Mary Magdalene

    A walk up the chakra garden, stopping to drink from the lion's head fountain. Onwards to the wellhead to meet Mary Magdalene, connecting to her ray which is pink.

    She hands over a rose which opens up the heart.



    Part 2: Archangel Michael

    A journey up the Tor to meet Archangel Michael, he brings the blue ray of truth and the sword of fire. After the opening of the heart in the garden he now brings the gift of vision and ascension energies.



    Meditations recorded by Margaret Hunt

     in December 2011







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      Part 1  



     Part 2  

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