Pilgrimage & Retreat Day


Sunday 29th October

"Remembering Past Lives"

10:30am. – 4:30pm.

Cilcain Village Hall, Cilcain, Flintshire CH7 5NN

Cost: 40 per person.

Location of Cilcain Village Hall


Remembering Past Lives

Come and join us at this most mystical time of the year, Samhain, to delve deep into your inner knowing to discover your past lives.

Come and sit around the mystic fire of all knowing as you travel back in time to unravel the mysteries of your present life.

The roots of emotional patterns are to be found in other lives but they are revealed only when you are ready.

You will discover why you have attracted situations and people into your present life so that you can uproot the cause of your problems.

This is very deep, life changing and profound work to enable you to fully accept, forgive and heal your deepest wounds.

Samhain is the perfect time to work with the past as we honour the passing of the old year and welcome in the new.

This is a day of ancient teachings, healing and ceremony all provided with so much love and abundant laughter.

Come and be with like minded, caring people and bring the light fully back into your being to set yourself free.

Tea and refreshments will be provided plus a wonderful healing vegan lunch.


Cost: 40 per person. A 10 deposit is required.


To Make A Booking


Bookings will close on or around October 20th.


Directions to Cilcain


For further information please contact:

Margaret Hunt: 0151 678 1487




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