Pilgrimage & Retreat Day


Sunday 28th October

"Samhain Celebration"

10:30am. – 4:30pm.

Cilcain Village Hall, Cilcain, Flintshire CH7 5NN

Cost: 40 per person.

Location of Cilcain Village Hall


Samhain celebration

Come and join us for our annual Samhain celebration in the sacred landscape of Moel Famau, fairy mountain, where we mark the ending of the old year and the beginning of the new one in the wheel of the year.

We will be in the company of Mary Magdalene, Babaji, elementals and nature spirits and other teachers who will join us to bring their teachings.

This is a day of deep connection to the self, to the elements, to the Earth, to spirit and to one another.

You will embrace your crone self in the company of other wonderful crones where you will be given access to the unlimited ancient wisdom within you.

This is a day of celebrating the passing of the old year and the old you and a welcoming of the New Year and a new you and so it is a time of completely letting go.

This retreat day will be filled with ancient teachings, deep healing and ceremony with much love and laughter shared amongst us.

A healing vegan lunch and refreshments will be provided throughout the day.


Cost: 40 per person. A 10 deposit is required.


To Make A Booking


Bookings will close on or around October 20th.


Directions to Cilcain


For further information please contact:

Margaret Hunt: 0151 678 1487




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