High Priestess Initiation 


Bride's Mound & Chalice Well

Saturday October 20th. 2018.

It was another magical day around Glastonbury, Bride's Mound & The Chalice Well Garden.

We gathered together for the initiation of Magdalene High Priestesses on a glorious sunny day beginning at the ancient site of Bride's Mound followed by the initiation taking place under the moon and stars at the Chalice Well Gardens.

This was a truly magical and mystical day in the company of beautiful, loving women who carried much ancient wisdom within them.


 Below are some of the photos taken on the day.



Brides Mound

Later in the evening at the Chalice Well Garden

At the Well Head

It's true about the mists of Avalon

The mists descend and then the Faeries come out to play....

We weren't the only ones in Glastonbury that weekend.

So we went to the local Indian restaurant on the High Street and had a good night.

 Congratulations to everyone!



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