Sacred Marriage Ceremony

A sacred marriage is the union of two souls who become bonded as one. This is similar to a handfasting; it is a marriage of the souls of a couple. During the ceremony the Christ light is brought into the heart and heaven and earth are united within each person; at the moment of the blessing the hands are joined and unity takes place. Mary Magdalene will be present bringing her essence and her wisdom. Following this the two souls will always be as one even when they are apart and it makes no difference where they are in the world. Telepathic communication becomes possible.

This ceremony takes place outside in nature so that the elements, the landscape, the plants and animals can all participate in this most joyful of ceremonies.

Some couples have waited many lifetimes for this completion of their two selves.

 If you wish to take part in this very sacred and special ceremony we will be happy to travel to you to perform this. 

Please get in touch so that we can discuss the details and the price.

The sacred marriage of two souls is a very ancient ceremony whose knowledge has been forgotten and it is now time for this very special blessing to be brought into the present.


For further information please contact:

Margaret Hunt: 0151 678 1487




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