Personal Transmissions


These personal transmissions are by telephone or Zoom audio and they provide channelled messages from my own soul, from the flowers and plants and from the teachers who work through me.

Everything has consciousness and that consciousness is pure love and so we can receive direct help not only from our heavenly teachers and from our own souls but also from everything upon the Earth and I particularly work with healing transmissions from the flowers.

These messages will bring healing and guidance and they will be transmitted upon a certain vibration which you will receive also and this will bring you healing.

The session lasts one hour and we begin by you sharing your story explaining those things which you need help and guidance for. Messages will be brought to you at the appropriate time during our connection and these will be discussed so that you have the full understanding of what you are being shown.

These messages are brought with great love and understanding and you will be filled by the healing light which will be channelled through the words which you receive.

The cost of a session is 50.

If you would like to receive a personal healing transmission then please email me to arrange a time and date where you will telephone me at the arranged time. Zoom audio sessions are also available.

If you would like further information then please email me at:

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